Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Skyscraper - The World's highest roller coaster - well soon to be!

Great news for those that find the current world’s tallest roller coaster a little too, well low!  The current title holder, Kingsa Ka in SixFlags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, USA is a paltry 456 feet high. 

The world is hence crying out for something a little taller – well as luck happens it looks like we have an answer to this pressing problem!  

Skyplex, a new $250 million entertainment complex planned to open on Orlando's International Drive in 2017, have just announced ‘The Skyscraper’.

As well as being the world’s tallest roller coaster when it opens in 2017, Skyscraper will take a host of other world firsts!

Riders will board in air conditioned comfort, whilst being entertained with a host of video media, before taking a 90 second spiral cable lift ride to the top of the tower, here they will exit through the roof of the building some 90 seconds after take off!

From here, reputedly 535 feet up in the air (in the video they seem a little coy about the actual height – in case anyone is watching and planning a bigger coaster!) guests will enjoy another 2.5 minutes of free fall high adrenalin fun (well I guess most guests will enjoy it!).  At least three world records will be experienced on this part of the ride!

Things to enjoy on the way down!  The first being the world’s highest inversion on the first barrel roll at the top of the tower, at over 500 feet.  Next up is the world’s highest dip at again over 500 feet, dropping at 123 degrees!  The first of two such 90+ degree dips, which is another world’s first!

What included in in your 4 minutes of fun:

7 inversions
Bunny hops
Raven turns
Zero G’s
60mph+ speeds!

Take a look at the ‘video simulation’.  You can tell it’s a simulation as no one is swearing! 

Orlando - way too much fun!  Another great Orlando experience!  You just have to keep going back!

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