Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dream Property Cruising

A strange, but kind of fun, thing to do when visiting any amazing destination is to enjoy a spot of Dream Property Cruising. It may start with a spot of casual window shopping in the areas upmarket Real Estate Agency windows. Buts it’s more fun to indulge yourself in a spot of walking, cruising, cycling and driving around some of the world’s best luxury property locations, whilst day dreaming along the lines of ‘if I won the lottery I would buy that one’.

A fun escape looking at some the best properties in the area – Wow look at that roof terrace, pool, what amazing views, gardens, etc.

Looking out over the Hong Kong skyline from the top of the Peak Tramway allows you to view some of the world’s most expensive (in terms of price/m2!) apartments. Similarly New York’s skyline when viewed from attractions like the Empire State building, offers visitors great glimpses of the luxury high life with stunning rooftop gardens and penthouses on top of the city’s best skyscrapers!

Walking around the Mayfair area of London gets you wondering who owns these amazing old characterful multi story terraced properties, in an area made so famous by the game of Monopoly!

At the other end of the world try cruising the waterfront area off Point Piper, Valcause, Rose Bay, Balmoral, Centennial Park, Watson’s Bar and Darling Point in Sydney to see some of the most amazing Oz Real Estate.

In LA it’s fun to take the bus, enjoying a celebrity homes tour of Beverly Hills where your guides will happily point out who owns the amazing homes you see.

In Miami you can enjoy property cruising on a real cruise, out on the intra-coastal waterways in the sun looking at the prestigious water front homes, built on the small islands just off the coast. For example those on the imaginatively named Star Island in Biscayne Bay!

The high spots of Dubai, such as the Burj Khalifa observation deck in the world’s tallest building, offer visitors excellent views of the luxury properties built on the famous Palm Island.

In Spain visitors can walk along the Golden Mile, on the seafront promenade which links Marbella and Puerto Banus, to view some of Marbella's best luxury properties, or take a drive around the exclusive property hot spots like Sierra Blanca looking at the amazing villas on the mountain overlooking Marbella.

Always fun – what are you going to spend your fantasy multi million lottery win on – contemporary, traditional, rooftop apartment, multi acre ranch or maybe a dream sea front villa.

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