Monday, May 27, 2013

Things to do in the world’s most popular destinations

Just published today MasterCard’s 3rd Global Destination Cities Index reports a change in the top 5 visited cities in the world to:

1 - Bangkok - 1.98 Million Visitors
2 - London - 15.96m
3 - Paris - 13.92m
4 - Singapore - 11.75m
5 – New York - 11.52m

Bangkok has taken the number one spot from London by the narrowest of margins (around 1%), in a report which sees a rise in the number of visitors heading for Asia/Pacific destinations.

As you would expect from a global activities and experiences website, YouGoDo has plenty of great activity ideas in all of these top 5 destination, so lets take a look at some of the great and unusual things to do in the world’s travel hotspots.

Things to do in Bangkok

There are some great things to do in Bangkok on YouGoDo, including fishing for monsters, the Bangkok Hangover Tour (based loosely on the film!), Night Cycling Tours, Tuk Tuk Tours, Wine Tours, Canal Cruises, Scuba Diving, Cookery Schools, Elephant Back Tours, Tree Top parks and fine rooftop dining. I think we need to send a YouGoDo Activity Scout along to Bangkok (Oh go on then - maybe I should volunteer!) to find more great things to do – now it’s the No 1!

Things to do in London

With an amazing 666 things to do in the London area, London is YouGoDo’s most activity laden city. There are some superb things to do in the city including great tours, fun sports, creative cookery courses and great places to eat and drink.

London City Tours offer a great fun way of seeing more of ‘the smoke’ in a jolly and educational way. The range and choices are varied to say the least, opt from Beatles Tours, James Bond Tours, Ghost Tours, Jack the Ripper Tours, Bus Tours and Boat Tours to name just a few.

The fun sports on offer for those looking to see London in an active way include cycling tours, karting, ice climbing, roller skiing, horse riding and kayaking along the Thames.

For those looking to relax and wine and dine London offers a host of cookery courses, pub crawls and rooftop dining experiences. We have yet to meet anyone who cannot find the right London activities!

Things to do in Paris

The city of Love, Paris, is well represented on YouGoDo with plenty of great Parisian activities and experiences on offer.

As well as the famous museums and the more recent Disneyland Paris, you have numerous great options in the French Capital. Cycle or Scooter your way around the city, join in the famous Friday Night Skate, take to the air in a fighter jet, or maybe take a helicopter tour to the nearby Champagne region for some bubbles in a posh French Chateaux. The last one sounds pretty good to me!

Typical French activities include cheese and wine tasting, 2CV tours, and of course you must not leave Paris without going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and taking a dinner cruise on the Seine.

Things to do in Singapore

Singapore, the city I so nearly visited last Xmas. I took a good look at this one as I was due to visit and there are some great things on offer in Singapore, especially for families and the young and active. Experiences like the Megazip Adventure Park, The Singapore Flyer, The Wild Wild Wet waterpark, the Wave House on Sentosa, GMax ultimate bungy, GX-5 extreme swing, Universal Studios, the Sentosa Luge and Skyride. All great fun!

For those looking to relax a little more there are some amazing spas and rooftop restaurants and bars including the 1-Altitude, the world’s highest rooftop bar. And for those wanting to keep it cool there is Snow City where you can ski and snowboard all year round.

Or sit back and relax and see Singapore by boat, bus or Segway!

Things to do in New York

Another city with a huge choice of activities and experiences for all ages and tastes. Over 300 great things to do to choose from. New York has so much to offer tourists, including activities like Pizza Tours, Scooter Tours, Segway Tours, Helicopter Tours, Speedboat Tours, Cruise Boat Tours, Kayak Tours, Jetski Tours, Shopping Tours, Bus Tours, Photography Tours, Wall Street Tours, Sex and the City Tours, Chocolate Tours, Movie Set Tours, Hip Hop Tours, etc.

Or get up high above the streets of Manhattan in some of the world’s most iconic buildings (maybe try the Empire State Building), bars and restaurants.

With over 1,000 great activities and experiences in the top 5 destinations, I’m sure we must have something for everyone in the new top 5 visited locations!

And in case you were wondering here is the rest of the Top 10.

6 - Istanbul - 10.37m
7 - Dubai
8 - Kuala Lumpar -
9 - Hong Kong
10 - Barcelona

We will cover the things to do in 6 - 10 in a future blog!

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