Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Things to do in Vanuatu

Located in the South Pacific in between Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu is an archipelago of 82 islands. Most of these, over 60, are uninhabited. The main island of the Republic of Vanuatu is Efate, which is home to Port Vila, the capital of the republic and it’s international airport.

Port Vila is about a 3 - 4 hour flight from Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland, which makes it a very popular weekend escape for Aussies and Kiwi’s looking for some tropical island fun.

Its position in the South Pacific, and its multi island layout ensures it’s the perfect place for some great water sports, such as fishing, jet boating and scuba diving, all of which are very popular. The Big Game Fishing on offer from the ports on Efate is incredible, with a wide range of trophy fish, including big marlin, out there for the hooking!

The clear tropical warm waters offer great scuba diving on the reefs around the islands. Here you can do something you can do nowhere else in the world, by buying and writing a specially designed waterproof postcard, with matching stamp. Having written your postcard, on the beach of the romantically named Hideaway Island, you can then wade in, swim about 50m off shore and dive or snorkel down and post your Vanuatu postcards in the world’s only underwater post box, located a few metres below the surface. The post box is regularly emptied by the Island’s scuba diving postal workers!

If you prefer to be over the ocean, rather than being in it why not take a parasailing adventure and take in the amazing views of Port Vila, the surrounding islands and the clear ocean below.

Those looking for a little more high adrenalin adventure on the water will probably enjoy a jet skiing experience, Joe’s at the Iririki Island Resort, just off the shores of Port Vila offers Jetski hire and guided jetski tours.
On the mainland visitors looking for adventure can take an Off Road Buggy Safari into the forest and along the beaches, with a stop to feed the turtles and sharks!

Being a Volcanic Archipelago it’s probably no surprise that Vanuatu is home to several active volcanoes, both land based and under the ocean. Tourist can take a range of aerial adventures in light aircraft and helicopters to get up close to the volcanoes. Take a trip which allows you to stand on the craters edge of Mount Yasur, the world’s most active volcano, on Tanna Island.

Other things to do on Vanuatu include Sailing, Blokarting and jet boating.

">Vantuatu is also famous as the birth place of modern Bungee Jumping, or Land Diving as it is known on the Pentecostal Island of Vanuatu. This ancient ritual, involves the menfolk jumping from custom built 20-30m high wooden towers, with only two tree vines tied to their legs. The jumping is usually done in April to June before the Yam harvest to ensure a good harvest.

Get yourself over to the Islands of Vanuatu, you may never want to leave. If so how about developing your dream home on the beach in Vanuatu - take a look at this low cost idyllic Vanuatu Land for sale on Teouma bay near Port Vila!

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