Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Unusual Romantic Things To Do

As it’s almost that time of year again, Valentine’s Day (oh yes –‘that day’ I hear the boys say!), we thought we would offer users some great and unusual ideas for wooing their loved ones.

Forget the flowers and chocolates, its old hat, and a puppy is for life! Why not surprise her (or him!) with an unforgettable romantic experience of a lifetime.

Here on YouGoDo we have loads of great suggestions. Here’s our top 5 Unusual Romantic Things To Do:

1) Take her horse riding.

Now I’ll admit I was heavily in the camp of ‘horse riding is for girls’, until I moved down here to Spain, just over 7 years ago. Seeing riders out on the amazing trails up in the mountains, whilst I was admittedly up there on my mountain bike or motorbike (very manly!), I did get an appreciation of what a great activity this is.

Great scenery, fresh air, horse doing the work, loads of fit girls on horses – well you get the idea.

It looked so good that I let myself get coerced into giving it a go. And not only did I have my first ever go at horse riding a few weeks ago, I followed it up with my second ever go at horse riding within a week.

The 'love of my life' thought it was hilarious seeing me out of my comfort zone, ‘brave’ish of me to have a go, and laughed for the full 90 minutes at the sight of me on board ‘Almost Dead Fred’ (see picture - judging by the laughter I can only assume that the less of a knight in shining armour on a sturdy white horse you look, the funnier it is - although to be fair he was white!). If you are unsure or a beginner they will probably give you the
most docile horse – which all adds greatly to the loved one’s fun!

Here’s loads of great places to take a girl horse riding, obviously up in the mountains, along the beach, or through beautiful forests are great – but see what you have in a location which suits! It’s bound to give her a great laugh! And no cheating by having sneaky lessons first!

Not got the balls feeling brave enough - then find a nearby horse and carriage ride, or if you are lucky enough to be near the snow a husky sled ride! Probably won't be as funny as you on a horse, but it should hit the spot!

2) Take her up in a Hot Air Balloon

A classic romantic activity. You and your loved one floating along serenely in a hot air balloon, gazing down starry eyed at the stunning scenery below. These trips generally start or end with a glass of bubbly too, which just adds to the romance. The serenity of a hot air balloon flight surprised me, I was expecting lots of wind noise (not that type of wind!). A bit dumb of me really as the balloon floats with the wind, so you are in effect ‘still’ with the air around you. It’s amazing peaceful, exciting, soppy and great fun.

3) Take her on a culinary course

Be a bit careful with your wording on the card with this one! And make sure you book for you both – sending her on her own is probably a little very unromantic! You don’t want to be rubbishing her culinary skills. And ‘culinary’ does not simply mean a cookery course – this could be cupcake decorating (probably best you don’t tell your mates about this one!), wine tasting, champagne appreciation, a chocolate workshop, pasta making, etc.

Attending one of these food and drink courses together, and getting messy with ingredients (or the wine), sharing the food and drink (share nicely now!) and possibly getting a little competitive (again careful here!) will make it a day to remember!

4) Take her on a Segway Tour

Put some fun into your day with a ride, or a glide, as the brochures tend to call it, on a Segway. These futuristic electric vehicles are easy to master, and great fun. And Segway Tours tend to take you around great places to see great sights. A lot of the fun comes in the first few minutes (sound familiar?) as you both master the machine!

5) Take Her Away From It All

Probably the top suggestion, get onto the cheapo airline websites and find a weekend in any of the stunning locations within a few hours of you. Rome, Venice, Las Vegas, Miami, Barcelona, Paris, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Vancouver (well I don’t know where you live do I – you get the idea!). Then make it a weekend to truly remember with some great YouGoDo experiences, possibly one or two of those mentioned above.

You think she’s not that adventurous?

Hell give it a try, girls like a surprise. If she really is not that adventurous you can always play it safe with one of these old tried and tested, but a little unimaginative, Plan B’s!

Book a restaurant with a difference.

Look for your nearest Revolving Restaurant, panoramic rooftop restaurant, 'Dine in the dark’ experience (where you are blindfolded for the duration of the meal to enhance your sense of taste), or maybe a ‘Dessert Only’ restaurant where the menu is 100% the good stuff – just the cakes and puddings!

Do it on the cheap - get a blindfold and a takeaway! How much better can a doner kebab possibly taste!

Book a Spa

I’ve not met a girl yet who does not enjoy being pampered at a Spa. Go along with her for the day. You may even find you enjoy it too – try not to put the football on the TV in the Gym!

Really can’t be bothered?

OK if you want to risk losing her, then choose any of the following:

a) Take her to the cinema
b) Grab a box of Milk Tray
c) Go rob some daffodils (flowers)
d) Nip up to the Chinese takeaway!
e) Take her to Poundland and tell her she can choose anything she wants (maximum 1 item)
f) Take her karting with your mates (as a spectator!)
g) Take her out for the night to watch your local Darts/Pool match (delete as applicable)

On reading this back I think my first suggestions are probably best!

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