Monday, November 12, 2012

Great Jet Skiing Experiences from around the world!

If you are already a Jet Skiers then I'm sure I am preaching to the converted! You will already know what great fun Jet Skis are, and for those of you who have yet to take it up, you will hopefully be inspired by this article to give it a go, then you're hooked!

There are loads of great places around the world where newcomers can enjoy their first jet skiing experiences, and us addicts (I've had my jet ski for a few years now!) can get our fix in new and exciting surroundings! The great majority offer short term rentals, in a controlled area, with easy to master sit down ski's - sofa's is the derogatory term used by the 'stand up' jetski brigade ;-) These stable skis are easy to master, and offer exhilarating fun on the waves - think riding a powerful motorbike on water and you are not far off! There are, of course, also locations (not that many to be fair!) where the extreme and traditional jet ski squad can get their hands on a stand up ski and get their kicks.

Jet Ski Tours and Safaris

For those wanting to get out and about and discover new places, witness the local wildlife, see dolphins in their natural surrounding, etc there are a host of exciting options and operators offering jet ski tours and safaris in exotic locations. Here's a few of my favourite jet skiing experiences :

Multi day jet ski tours, stopping off at different locations each night have to be the ultimate tour for jet ski fanatics. Discovery River Tours in the Southeast of the USA offer several tour options, ranging from 3 - 5 days, and covering up to a whopping 780 miles on the water! Good job the fuel is cheap in the USA (relatively!).

And although the 'hard guys' will tell you it's great to be out in 7 meter high seas, off the Orkneys, in January, most of us concede it's a little 'more great' to be out in warm waters and sunshine, and hence no surprise that so many of the popular jet ski destinations are in sunny exotic locations. In the south of Florida Jet Skiing in Miami or Key West (and most of Florida come to think of it) offer a great range of great Jet Ski tours and safaris, taking in the local wildlife in the warm shallow clear waters. Jet ski with Manatees (sea cows), sharks and dolphins!

Looking for a different way to see New York - why not take a New York jet ski tour around the famous sights of the Big Apple, and enjoy the famous Manhattan skyline from the water!

Australia is also a popular destination for Jet Ski hire, with numerous great tours across the country, including a tour of the barrier reef. But no luck for those wanting to get their PWC fix in Sydney - Jet Skis have been banned in Sydney Harbour for many years ;-( You can however take a passenger tour, but you will struggle to get your hands on your own ski!

Here in Europe, great sunny locations include Jet Skiing in Spain and Jet Skiing in Croatia. Croatia's waters are crystal clear and well protected by the 1,000 plus islands just off it's coast, offering great flat water - but the skis can be a little dated! In Spain there are plenty places offering short term hire, usually having fun in a restricted area, and one or two great guided tour options.

And of course there are plenty places to try jet skiing in the UK with many safari options, and places to hire and play out on a stand up or sit down Jet Ski.

And for those of us looking for something completely different, who are perhaps finding the 'stand ups' a little too tame, how about trying a Personal Jet Pack flight. Several operators have popped up in the past few months offering incredible -'jet ski powered' Personal Jet Pack Flights - fly like a bird, swim like a dolphin! Could this be the future of jet skiing!

And for those in the UK with their own jetskis, the excellent PWC Forums offer many great tours, meet ups, and experiences, with great get-togethers like the members arranged tours of the Isle of Wight, and the annual Jetbou sunny Ibiza Jet Ski trip!

If you have yet to try it, get out and give it a go! For those who are already enjoying the sport - why not take a look at something different and widen your experiences on your next holiday!

Have fun!

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