Friday, November 9, 2012

Change of classifications on the TripAdvisor® site

One or two of our activity operators are reporting that they feel they are seeing a drop in trade, which they think may be due to some changes they feel may have been recently introduced by TripAdvisor® to show different categories to different searches. I guess its a great sign of the power of the site, that they notice such changes!

We just wanted to quickly clarify that YouGoDo is not associated with TripAdvisor® in any way, and we have made no such changes to the data we show when users are looking for great things to do around the world.

If you are provider of great things to do, activities, experiences, etc and you are not yet on YouGoDo - why not try adding your details to totally free - it will take minutes to create a great looking full page advert for your experiences. And you choose which categories you want to be incuded in (we obviously vet these to ensure they are reasonable!), and we will always include you in the default wide - 'things to do!' category.

Take a look at some of the great things we have on the site like the unusual things to do in London or our things to do in Spain.

You can add you activities and experiences to YouGoDo, the world's biggest pure activities and experiences website, totally free at

TripAdvisor® is a registered trademark of TripAdvisor, LLC

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