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Unusual things to do in the United Kingdom

The UK is famous for its country houses, quaint villages and historic towns. These can appear to be a little ‘dull’, or stuffy, for the activity seekers amongst us! So what is there to do for those who want to try something different?

What are the unusual things to do in the UK?

Well the good news is that England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have plenty of quirky and unusual activities on offer. There are more than 75 unusual things to do in London alone, probably the number one destination in the UK for tourists.

UK wide you have the choice of about 300 great eccentric activities, including options like tank driving, digger driving, indoor caving, ice climbing, rollerskiing and bushcraft to name just a few!

Let’s take a look at some of the choices on offer to suit the tastes of a few activity seeking groups!

High Speed Unusual Things to do in the UK

For those that like their fun to come with speed and wheels, and
usually the smell of petrol, there are some great choices.
These include:

'Full hit top fuel’ Dragster passenger rides at Santa Pod where you can feel your face cheeks trying to meet at the back of your head

'Dodgems for grown ups’ or Demolition Derby / Stock Car racing as I used to know it in Birmingham and Northamptonshire

Motorcycle racing schools throughout the UK

'Schools’ where you can learn to wheelie a motorbike

Land Yachting on the beaches of Scotland

Mountain biking with some great mountain bike parks and schools to improve your skills in various UK locations

Fun off road Segway tours to whizz you around the hills for ‘batteryheads’

Rally driving schools allowing you to live out your sideways driving fantasies in the forests

F1 car passenger rides for those who need to feel the ‘G’s

'Full on' digger driving for those with JCB driver construction worker fantasies or maybe those who would like to build a bigger sand castle

and last but not least, there are even places where kids can drive full size supercars from the likes of Ferrari and Aston Martin! What young lad is not going to like that!

Unusual UK Indoor fun

OK so the UK has the odd bit of inclement weather, and it’s not unusual for it to rain a little, but that need not spoil the fun, there are many great and daft things to do when it’s raining, or even if it’s too hot ;-)

Activities like indoor golf played on great high tech simulators and often without the local ‘golf club stuffiness’, indoor climbing walls with multiple courses for differing levels of ability, bravery and fitness, visit places to sing your heart out in a karaoke box, shake your midriff while learning to belly dance, have a go at landing a bloomin big commercial aircraft in a full sized full-on aviation simulator, or maybe go on the piste – put on your ski gear and have a try at indoor skiing on the artificial real snow slopes.

And finally, as they say on the UK news just as its about to get silly, one last one if the above choices don’t seem silly enough, how about a tour of the sewers under the streets of Brighton!

I want to do something Unusual but not extreme

For those looking to escape the museums and country houses but also wanting to do something a little more relaxing how about taking a knitting course in Hereford and sorting out all your relatives with some great Xmas jumpers, heading for the skies and admiring the passing square green fields from above while soaring peacefully overhead in a hot air balloon or a glider, put together something sweet on a cupcake making course in Manchester or Chelmsford, learn the very English art of Pie Making in London, take a pedal pub tour of London where you cycle your very own private bar around the landmarks of the city, or simply do a traditional British pub crawl without the bike!, or maybe take a photography course to improve your holiday snaps and get in them, or maybe take part in the very English sport of Ghost Hunting with numerous ghostly evenings at great historic haunted venues through the UK.

Unusual Water Sports in the UK

As you would expect for an Island, surrounded by water (I believe most Islands tend to be – ah a spot of sarcasm how very British!!), the UK has plenty fun to offer on the water.

Choose from activities like Stand up paddleboarding (SUP), coasteering, jet ski safaris, fishing trips, punting, skiffing (a traditional boat that you sleep on whilst on route) down the famous River Thames, kayaking through the centre of London, or even diving down to the world’s biggest (and probably only!) underwater Gnome Garden.

Unusual Kids Activities in the UK

There are also plenty of British Unusual Kids activities. Freaky fun choices for the little ones include, many of the activities already mentioned above, with the addition of other options like numerous Treetop parks, indoor caving in the superb 150m artificial cave system in Hemel Hempstead, shark diving in the indoor Deep Sea World pools near Edinburgh, swinging like crazy in the baseball batting cages near London, or maybe taking a James Bond Tour or enjoying a Fire Engine party!

I just want to Chill out somewhere different

Why not take in the views in one of London’s many rooftop bars, or take a bus tour of London’s Famous M25 orbital motorway!!

Or Visit an eccentric UK event.

The United Kingdom has many great and strange events like the Cheese Rolling race near Gloucester and the Shrove Tuesday Football Match in Ashbourne where hundreds of players join in, for a game of football (Soccer) with a pitch about 3 miles long and 2 miles wide with a town in the middle. Crazy!

Crazy UK Fun!

There are plenty of mad things to do in the UK - Take your pick!

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