Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oktoberfest, Munich

Munich is popular for hosting a two-week long Oktoberfest.

Labelled as the biggest festival in the world, visitors get to see burly, moustached German men wearing lederhosen, checked shirts and woollen socks, and gulping down frothy beer and eating Bratwurst, pork knuckles and slabs of ox which are served by waitresses dressed in traditional Bavarian dresses known as Dirndis.

Just looking at the clothes worn by the revellers, it becomes apparent that people joining the Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich believe in enjoying themselves with gusto. The celebrations take place on a site called Theresienswiese, or Therese’s fields, which is spread across 42 hectares. The site usually has 14 tents, with each tent containing numerous rows of tables and wooden benches. Each tent is decorated with bunting and flags, and there are brass bands to play songs that drinkers can sing-along to. The most popular tent usually is the Hippodrom, as it is where you will be able to spot German celebrities, such as ex-tennis player Boris Becker. However, young tourists prefer the Hofbräu tent, while families tend to opt for the Augustiner Festhalle. The biggest tent with the capacity to seat 10,000 people at a time is the Schottenhamel. This tent has the honour of being the tent where the season’s first beer is poured.

Visitors coming to celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich should grab their seat early in their preferred tent, as it may be difficult to find one after 11 am. Once seated, the waitresses automatically come and take orders and serve guests. It is normal for revellers to shout “Prost” and clash their beer glasses with their neighbours before drinking. Along with the beer, which is quite strong, visitors can enjoy salty pretzels, slow roasted chicken, pickles, cheese and radishes.

Like most things to do in Munich Oktoberfest is all about enjoyment. There is a lot of drinking, eating, singing and frolicking. Visitors can enjoy the Costume and Riflemen’s Parade, which features performers, thoroughbred horses, oxen, farm animals and musicians. For offers on accommodation whilst staying in Munich during Oktoberfest, visit www.casamundo.co.uk.

Oktoberfest 2013 will be held from Saturday September 21st until Sunday October 6th.

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