Thursday, September 20, 2012

Length of Spain Ride Day 6 - Candeleda to Guadalupe

A very tough 120km+ ride today from last night’s stop off in Candeleda into Extremadura (the Spanish region which has a name which translates roughly as ‘well hard’ due to its extreme temperatures).

Quite a tough but fun start, riding in the wrong direction for the first 10 minutes, so we had covered 5km before we actually ‘set off’, then a handlebar twist for me, and a puncture for Iain (his 2nd so far so it’s probably a weight thing) meant we had only covered about 10km in the first hour. Make the most of the cool mornings eh!

But a scenic, if very hot (about 35C) and tough day. The longest on our route. Some great climbs and better descents, arriving in Guadalupe in bits (well I was).
Just a quick blog as a little kna… tired tonight.

They say Spain is a land of contrasts – this is well illustrated in our overnight accommodation on the included images. The images show us setting off from last night’s Hostal in Arenas de San Pedro, and arriving at tonight’s digs – the amazing Monastery at Guadalupe. And not a huge difference in price.

Length of Spain Ride Day 5 - Avila to Candeleda

Great day’s riding today from the very picturesque Avila (I’ll be back!) 100km to Candeleda.

A flat start then we were back into the Spanish mountains, and we must have finished well below where we started in terms of altitude, as we had two fairly decent climbs
to the top of Puerto de La Menga at 1564m and then to the top of Puerto de Pico at 1352m. But the downhill’s seemed far bigger than the climbs.

Both peaks were well worth the climb with epic drops afterwards. This was especially true after the top of Puerto de Pico, where we seemed to drop from the ‘top of the world’ to sea level. A superb 15km plus fast downhill in the sun.

Our original target for tonight was Arenas de San Pedro, but we arrived early, and have a bigger day tomorrow, so we pressed on to Candeleda, in the afternoon heat – a very warm 35 degrees in the shade.

Arrived in a ghost town (Siesta time) but found a great bar – nice to be sufficiently south to be back in Cruzcampo country – Iced glasses were the icing on the cake in 35 degrees, after 100km in the saddle!

Tomorrow we head to stay in a Monastry in Gualdelupe!


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic and sounds like you're having a great trip. Go steady with the bars - and I'm not talking handle bars!

Paul said...

MMmmmmmm who could this comment have come from ;-)

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