Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Length of Spain Ride Day 4 - Tordesillas to Avila

A tough day in the saddle today, 121km in mixed conditions from Tordesillas to Avila. OK we look pretty relaxed before the off - it got tougher!

Not a very difficult ride too be honest, rolling hills but no massive climbs, but it seemed tough to me. 4 big rides in 4 days is not something I’ve ever done before.

A good start in overcast condition from Tordesillas, we didn’t realise how pretty it was until we were leaving, having had to go into Valladolid last night for cleats - Valladolid was also a superb place)! Loads of crash fencing was still up on the hill down to the river, from a recent running of the bulls! We just missed that opportunity!

We then cruised alongside a river, through Solar farms (note the sweat on the lens - working hard by now!), alongside the railway lines, and on through fields of corn, forests and vinyards. I was cruising at about 35-40 and Iain can only manage about 20-25, come to think of it I’m doing around 120 a day and he’s only doing about 80 – I guess that’s kilometres for you!

Then through more peaceful forests, well they were peaceful if I dropped back a little, and got away from the noisy Pinarello ;-)

Then a welcome drink and cake stop in the pretty square at the town of Olmeda (their bull run is on the 27th – the barriers were being put up shame we could not wait). Still a nice a drink in the square, in front of the Church with a stork on.

As we were leaving Olmeda we hit rain. Iain stopped to put his phone and camera in a plastic bag. I think we got about 12 drops between us, but they were pretty big drops!

Then onwards and down the main ‘N’ Madrid road, which was a little busier. We rode onto to Martin Muñoz de las Posados, where we sat in a very pretty square for a drink in front of the Church with a stork on.

No food here so back to the main road for some doorstep ‘stottie cake’ like sandwiches!
Then from here we rolled in to Avila, with lots of rolling hills, and a few more comfort stops.

Once in Avila, an amazing walled city, we found the Cathedral and booked into the old Palace right opposite the cathedral. Great and historic place. Luckily no bars on the square were open, so no immediate apres ride drink tonight.

Off to explore Avila in a minute.

Tomorrow we are back into the mountains which have been looming up on us all day!

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Anonymous said...

Doing well chaps, by the sound of it. Nice to hear you're managing to see plenty of churches with a stork on! I suspect this will not be the case once you hit the mountains;-) Keep it up:so to speak(",)

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