Monday, September 17, 2012

Length of Spain Ride Day 3 - Sahagun to Tordesillas

Another great day in the saddle in overcast but warm conditions cycling from Sahagun down to Tordesillas. 108km of fairly flat (although still some 804m climbed in the undulations) and fairly straight roads. Which led some short spells of boredon and some tractor chasing! See below!

We are in a rush this evening, as we have to nip into Valladolid for new cleats - handy hint bring the correct spare cleats if you are doing this type of ride!

So after requests for proof that we have acually been riding bikes (apparantly many of the photos have shown bars) here's some video this evening!

Obviously YouGoDo does not condone this type of riding, and all this video was taken using professional riders on closed roads, don't try this at home, etc!

Cycling from Sahagun to Tordesillas

NB - Ensure you use the 'cog' icon to view in HD!

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