Sunday, September 16, 2012

Length of Spain Ride Day 2 - Riaño to Sahagun

Another great day weather wise and a mainly downhill 96km run from Riaño to Sahagun. A ride which started in pretty cool conditions, just after 10, at Riaño at about 1200m altitude.

The ride started with climb to warm us up, and then continued into a fun scenic downhill blast, through tunnels, over a dam and down the side of a river. Great fun.

Then a stop at Cebero for a quick coke kick (the drink!) and back on the bike for a climb before passing what looked like Spain’s version of Ayers Rock, before the road straightened out and got a little dull at Almanza. 10km long straights and not a car in sight!
Here we teamed up with a local and formed a chain gang of 3, working hard pulling at over 20mph into a headwind.

Cea was a welcome stop for lunch and a litre of coca cola each, a strange place. We managed to the watch the Moto GP, although a scary woman made us sit in our own room! And gave us a hard time for not finishing our meal!

Then a short 10km blast into Sahagun, and a drive about to find the hotel. The hotel was a little tricky to find, but we did find an Irish bar quite easily so we stopped of there for an après bike! Lots of Camino’ers in town!

Then to the hotel.

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