Thursday, September 27, 2012

Length of Spain Bike Ride - The Final Pedal - Day 12 El Chorro to Fuengirola

A pre arranged end time and a short 57km 'ride in' left us with plenty of time in the morning to explore the plenty great things to do in El Chorro. So we took a drive around the climbing areas, the lakes and did a hike to the start of the amazing Kings Walk.

As predicted the rain arrived for our final run in to the South Coast. But I guess we cannot complain too much as this is the first real rain we have come across on the trip.

A dull but dry start until we got past Alora, and then the rain started. A steady drizzle of warm rain, so not too bad.

Then a blowout after Iain hit something on the road, which also took out the tyre.
Time to call in Alex, our superb support car driver, who was soon on the scene with a new tyre. The support driver, arranged via workaway, has worked superbly. Alex and James, who joined us for a few days, really added to the experience, and of course meant we could travel light each day!

New tyre fitted and we were on our way for the final leg. In the last 20km, so close to where I live, I embarrassingly managed to get us lost in Alhaurin el Grande, which lead to probably the steepest 2 climbs of the whole trip!

Then the fast drop down into Fuengirola, gingerly on part wet / part dry roads. Here we bumped into Danish Anders on his bike, who promptly joined us for the last 5km of the ride in to the beach!

Great to see my girls with the welcome banner waiting, and some fine Spanish cava ready to be sprayed about! And a run into the glorious Med!

About 1200km completed in 12 days! And a quick word on my Trek Madone 4.7 which has now completed 5400km without any probems! Superb choice!

And a great celebratory meal to follow. Right where next!


Gavin said...

Well done mate - good effort! Feeling a bit leaner?

Gavin said...

Well done mate - good effort! Feeling a bit leaner?

Paul said...

Thanks Gavin, surprisingly not - fitter but not much leaner - lots of great Spanish food and drink on route!

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