Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Length of Spain Bike Ride Day 11 – Estepa to El Chorro

A worrying start to the day with a dodgy knee. Knees are not on my strong point after a history of a broken kneecap and numerous episodes of torn knee ligaments earlier in life, but this quickly warmed up and was not a problem.

And we finally picked up a tailwind, at last, which made today's fairly easy 75km ride into the splendid scenic El Chorro gorge a real pleasure, with a nice stop in the also scenic town of Ardales.

Plenty of Olives groves today, and busy farmers and wind turbines.

Just one short day left, and we will have ridden the length of Spain when we hit the beach in front of Fuengirola's Sohail castle tomorrow at about 4:30pm.

And after all my concerns about getting some foul and wet weather in the North at the start of the tour, ironically it looks like we are going to hit thunder storms and rain here in the very South tomorrow. And it being the first serious rain for months it will probably make the roads ‘challenging’!

Fuengirola here we come!

Cycling across Spain - Day 10 Cordoba to Estepa

Up early for a look round the amazing Cordoba Mesquita, very impressive and very big! And free at 8:30am on a Monday!

Then a rolling hills 95km ride with some good climbs through the olive groves and vineyards to Estepa, on the mountain side.

And we can feel the cooling influence of the Mediterranean. Today it even felt cold at times.

So we have gone from starting late on a morning in the north so it was warmer, to starting early so it was cooler in the centre back to starting later!

Tomorrow El Chorro – a favourite place of mine for the last night of the tour!

Nearly home!

Cycling across Spain Day 9 – Pozoblanco to Cordoba

Good start to the day – churros and chocolate!
Bad start to the day - howling headwinds again (next time I do this I must do more research into the prevailing winds – we have had headwinds every day!).

Bad start to the day - after 5km the road we wanted to take was closed, so we had to double back on ourselves – at least we had a tailwind for 5km!

We took the main N roads from Alcaracejos to Cordoba, so there would be more places to stop, take a drink, etc but this was a bit of mistake as we ended up on the new roads, which were great but bye passed all the villages so it was a straight through one stop strategy run to Cordoba. But we did arrive early and it was great to drop down into Corboda at the end, even though the strong headwinds made even the drops an effort!

Great to reach Cordoba and enjoy some great tapas by the amazing historic mesquita de Cordoba, one of the many great things to do in Cordoba. And as this is a place I have driven to several times from home, its feeling close to home!

More olive groves and lots of climbs tomorrow.

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