Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beer Bike Tours

With new activities being added to YouGoDo’s selection of 38,000 plus things to do daily we can often see trends and what’s hot in the experiences world. One such trend over the past few years has been the emergence of Beer Bike Tours (or Pedal Pub, Bicycle Bar, Pedal Tavern or Bier Bike, call it what you will)!

What is a Beer Bike?

The Beer Bike is basically a custom built pedal powered vehicle which seats around 15 to 20 passengers. They are usually about the size of a Commercial Van, and allow the group of passengers to pedal their way around a great location on a tour. So where does the beer come into it? Central to the design of the Pedal Pub, literally and physically is usually a Bar. All the riders sit on the pedal pub, facing inwards to the centre of the ‘bike’, whilst seated at a central bar, with a set of pedals under their bar stool! And of course no point having a bar without beer, so the beer bikes usually comes stocked with draft beer, along with a sober driver/tour guide and a barman or barmaid!

All passengers are comfortably seated at the bar, of their own personal pedal powered Pub!

The Beer Bike is also usually equipped with its own sound system, bar and driving lights, so the group can cruise on the roads at any time of day, enjoying their own favourite music.

Who are Beer Bike Tours for?

The size and weight of the pedal pubs generally ensures this is a group activity. You will need a group of people pedalling to make good progress. The name Beer Bike, also gives you a good idea of the target audience. They are generally aimed at Stag
(Bachelor) and Hen (Bachelorette) parties or groups of people who like a drink. Company outings, corporate events, adult birthday parties, etc. Although of course beer is always an option – many of the providers offer alcohol free tours and options for younger groups.

What do you do on a Pedal Pub Tour?

If you need an answer to this one maybe this is not for you! The Beer Bike tour offers passengers the opportunity to enjoy a drink, with a group of friends, while taking in the sights of great venues like London, Munich, Madrid or Amsterdam (to name just a few) on a short tour.

Do we need to be ‘Tour de France’ fit to do a Beer Bike Tour?

Obviously this depends a little on your chosen venue and the bike, but as a rule these things have been taken into consideration by the owners to ensure you have fairly flat routes which do not require any special levels of fitness!

Does everyone have to pedal on a Beer Bike tour?

Mmmm – looking for a free ride!
Well you are in luck as most of the bikes have some non pedalling seats!

I'd like to do a Beer Bike Tour but I don’t like Beer?

Take a look for a tour that suits you better – there are now options for Cider and Wine tours as well!

Where can I do a Pedal Pub Tour?

Whilst not widely available they have certainly got much more popular
in the past few years. And they tend to be located where visitors enjoy a beer! Our first Pedal Pub was in Amsterdam, but since then we have seen many more options added to YouGoDo. YouGoDo now has Beer Bike tours in Spain, Bier Bike tours in Germany, Beer Bike tours in London, Pedal Tavern tours in the USA, Holland, Poland, Serbia, Belgium, Greece and Hungary. And the list is growing all the time!

The leader in terms of beer bike locations is definitely Germany where there are around 30 places to take a Pedal Pub Tour.

Just do it!

Climb on board, order up a beer and get pedalling! Have fun!

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