Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things to do

Are you excitedly looking forward to an amazing trip somewhere new? Then YouGoDo.com is the place to be, for some great fun activity planning.

Sorting out the places to visit, things to see, the great experiences and activities you want to try, is a great part of any journey.

Let us tell you how you can find the fun! For example go find some amazing hiking in Nepal, superb rooftop bars in Hong Kong, fantastic mountain biking in Spain or some unusual things to do in London. Whatever floats your boat!

Come to think of it planning new things to do is great any time – even if you are simply bored at home in the rain and looking for something fun to do near you today.

YouGoDo is the world’s biggest activities and experiences website. Pure ‘things to do’ from all around the world – well over 35,000 great activity choices in over 190 countries. And increasing every day!

And we have some great tools for those looking for things to do. Try any of the below great methods to make you activity planning fun!

Search for activities in a location

The “We are off to London – show me what we can do and I’ll choose my favourites!” method. This is the top search method for YouGoDo users – answering the question “What can I do when I get there?” For example, I’m off to Miami – what are the best things to do in Miami – this is real easy to do. Simply go to the YouGoDo search screen, and enter the place you are planning to visit in the 'I want to go to' box. Once you have selected your location, hit the big red ‘Search for Activities’ button and we will show you some great things to do in the area. Here’s a few great examples:

  • Things to do in Barcelona
  • Things to do in London
  • Things to do in New York
  • Things to do in Sydney
  • Things to do in Spain - you can search by Country as well as by city / town / village!

    Give your destination a try and get out there and make the most of your visit!

    Search for activities of a certain type

    Then ‘Show me where I can go Horse Riding and I’ll decide where I’m going to go!’ method! Another popular way of looking for great things to do is to simply tell YouGoDo what sort of activity you want to do – Hiking, Biking, Museums, Skydiving, Extreme Flights, Jetskiing, Horse Riding, etc! Again it’s a case of going to the YouGoDo Search screen, and entering the activity type you want to try into the 'This is what I want to do' box, select the relevant activity type from the list shown and then hit the good old red “Search for Activities” button! Bingo – YouGoDo will show you some great activities of your chosen type all around the world.

    Now is the difficult bit – choosing where you want to go and play!

    Here’s a few great examples

  • Horse riding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Museums
  • Scenic Flights

    Search for activities for a certain type of group?

    The “We are off to London with grumpy teenagers who hate everything, show us what they might like!” method. Exactly the same as the search by activity type but simply type in the target audience such as teenagers, seniors, family, couples, corporate, etc into the 'This is what I want to do' box. Here’s a few examples:

  • Things to do for teenagers
  • Things to do for babies

    Show me some unusual things to do

    The ‘I want to try something new’ method. YouGoDo users seem to be odd, and they like doing odd things! Searching for ‘unusual things to do’ will throw up some great and quirky activities - some I'd ever heard off prior to seeing them pop up on YouGoDo!

    And unusual can be quite mundane, but become unusual due to the location, for example kayaking is not that unusual but not that many visitors to London or Venice go kayaking through the main rivers so Kayaking in London and Venice becomes an unusual thing to do. To see the unusual activities simply do a search using ‘unusual things to do’ in the ‘This is what I want to do’ box! Take a look at the full list of unusual things to do

    The Combo Activities Search

    The “I want to go cycling in Barcelona” method. Now we are talking, people who really know what they want to do and where they want to do it. The most powerful method of getting to the activities which are of interest to you. And real easy – on the YouGoDo search screen enter both the location into the ‘I want to go to’ box and the desired activity type into the ‘this is what I want to do’ box before hitting the big red button. YouGoDo will show you your best options!

    Some great examples:

  • Mountain biking in Spain
  • Scenic Flights in New York
  • Rooftop Bars in Hong Kong
  • Things to do in London with teenagers
  • Unusual things to do in Miami

    Share your activity planning

    Another great part of the activity planning is sharing the fun with your travel buddies. The YouGoDo Hit List creator allows you to really easily select your favourites activities, create a Hit List of the things you plan to do on your trip, and email this to mates, print it, save it, etc. Read more about the activity hit list builder here!

    Look for things to do on a map

    And finally a great way of playing and looking for fun things to do is to use a map.

    Try Things to do on a Map, and the YouGoDo Activities Map will show things to do near you now, on a map, well things to do where our system thinks you are sitting! It can be a bit out depending on your ISP but you can drag the maps to get to your exact location!

    Or try the Map tabs on the YouGoDo search pages allow to quickly look at the things to do in an area and see what’s where!

    Get planning your next trip! The longer you spend planning the nearer the trip is!

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