Wednesday, April 11, 2012

YouGoDo Hit Lists and Bucket List Builder

A few nice exciting upgrades have arrived on YouGoDo today.

The biggest and most exciting to us is the new ‘Hit List’ builder, allowing users to create great exciting Hit Lists for their planned destinations, and even build their 'all time' life Hit List - a personal Bucket List!

YouGoDo has always provided users with some great activity and experience information. Showing users loads of great things to do in an area, but with so much activity information a great weakness has been – “Great YouGoDo has over 600 things to do in the London area, but I only have time to do 10, and with my hobbies and preferences I'm only really interested in 25 of the 600 - what can I do with all this info? YouGoDo is giving me information overload!”.

Well the Hit List Builder is the answer to your prayers.

What is the Hit List Builder?

The Hit List builder allows you to quickly look through our activities in an area, and choose your favourites - your Hit List. You can browse through our huge selection of activities and build as many Hit Lists as you like. Once you have your Hit List it can then be emailed to your travel buddies, saved for access when you are at the destination, or simply printed if you are, like me, in the stone ages (or paper ages!). Hit Lists show the activity and experience suppliers contact details - so you are ready to book and go!

How does the YouGoDo Hit List Builder Work?

OK lets see how easy it is to build a hit list. Lets assume you are a lucky chap, or lady, heading to Miami with your mates!

On the YouGoDo activity search page, take a look at YouGoDo’s 280+ things to do in Miami, and for each activity which takes your fancy, simply hit the ‘√ Yes - Add to my Hit List’ link, and keep on heading down the Miami activities list and adding. You will soon have an exciting personal Miami ‘Hit List’ of your favourite things to do in Miami - activities like jet ski tours, helicopter flights, speed boat trips, air boat rides, roof top bars, etc.

Once you have done your trawl of the best stuff to do in Miami simply hit the ‘All Done Show My Hit List’ button.

Here you will see all of the fun activities you and your mates are going to be enjoying in Miami! Now take your choice - from here you can email the Hit List to your travel buddies, print it and/or save it. Thats the activity planning done - get packed and remember the sun cream!

How Many Hit Lists Can I Have?

As many as you like! The new Hit List manager allows registered YouGoDo users to create multiple hits lists. You can have one for each of your future destinations, a local hit list, and even create the big one - your all time Hit List – your personal Bucket List, the amazing things you want to do in your lifetime.

Choose from our 30,000+ great YouGoDo experience ideas.

A huuuuuuge improvement in usability! Get in there and have a play - go to the YouGoDo search page now and start to build your hit lists and bucket list!

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