Friday, April 20, 2012

YouGoDo Hit List Builder User Guide

What is a YouGoDo Hit List?

A YouGoDo Hit List is your personal selection of thing you want to do. Its real simple – you look at our selection of over 30,000 great activities, experiences and 'things to do' around the world, for example take a look at things to do in London for an upcoming trip to London, and cherry pick the activities you would like to do. Of course it does not have to be in one location, you may create a hit list of activities of a certain type, for example all the places in the World you would like to go mountain biking, or create an ‘all time’ hit list - your list of things to do around the world before you die – the Bucket List!

How do I create a Hit List?

Selecting Activities for your Hit List

Creating a hit list is really easy – on all of the YouGoDo Search and Activity Details screens you will now see the Tick Links.

To add an activity to your Hit List you simply click on the “√ Yes - Add to my Hit List” link.
Added an incorrect activity by mistake or changed your mind – no worries simply click the same link which will now show “X Maybe Not – Remove from my Hit List” and it will be taken off your Hit List.

Viewing your Hit List

As you are selecting activities for you Hit List the Hit List Counter shown in the green button at the top of the Search and Activity Details screens will show how many items you have selected for your Hit List.

Once you are done simply hit this button “All Done – Show My Hit List”. This will then take you to the Hit List screen showing the Hit List you have just created.

What can I do with my Hit Lists?

Saving your Hit Lists

This is a great idea - You can save as many Hit Lists as you wish and view and amend these at anytime from anywhere in the world. To 'Save' your hit list simply give your Hit List a name – for example “Steve’s 40th Birthday Bash in New York” and hit the “save this hit list” button. If you are already logged in your hit list will be saved and you can continue.
If you are not logged in you will be taken to the Login Screen so the system can identify who it is saving the Hit List for, and ensure you have access to this Hit List from anywhere in the world at a future date. If you have previously registered as a user of YouGoDo simply enter you login details. Your Hit List will be saved and you can continue. If you have not yet registered as a user of YouGoDo simply click the Register Here link, and enter your YouGoDo registration details.

Email your Hit List to your mates

Travelling with family and/or a group of mates?, why not send them your Hit List! Simply hit the “email this hit list” button.
You can send your Hit List to up to 6 friends. NB you do not need to register or login to email hit lists.

Printing your Hit Lists

Want to take some paper on hols with you with all the operator contact details, or stick your Hit List on the wall at home or the office as a reminder of the upcoming fun – no problem – simply hit the “print this hit list” button.

Playing with your previously created Hit Lists

Want to see, edit, email and print any of your saved Hit Lists from any internet station in the world at any time – no problem. Simply Login to YouGoDo using the Login link shown at the top of the screen, and your previously created login details. When you login to YouGoDo you will be shown your Control Panel
Choose My Hit Lists and you will be taken to your Hit List Manager screen.

From here you have access to all of the previous actions for each of your previously saved Hit Lists. Use the Actions drop list to choose to View / Amend, Print of Email your Hit Lists as you wish.


If you have ever used a 'shopping basket' online its very similar!

Have Fun!

As always comments and questions are very welcome!

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