Thursday, March 15, 2012

The World’s Shortest Experiences

With YouGoDo featuring over 30,000 great experiences to enjoy, from all around the world, I thought I’d take a look into which of these great 'things to do' are over fastest! This does not mean they are bad value for money, as you will see below, they may be over all too soon - but they tend to score highly in terms of thrills per second!

A few of the contenders:

Rollercoasters tend to be all done in a few minutes but these tend to be part of the overall experience of theme parks, which generally take up a full day to explore, so I’m afraid these do not make it into the top league of ‘all over too soon’ experiences.

There are plenty of great 'things to do' which are in the 10 to 30 minutes bracket.

Many short tours fall into this bracket. Many helicopter tours start from 10 minutes long. But this said a helicopter can show you more of a great area in 10 minutes than you could see on the ground in 4 hours, and in many cases the helicopter allows you to explore areas you could not see in any other way! High speed passenger laps of race circuits are also over in about 10 – 15 minutes. Although depending on how nervous a passenger you are, these can seem a lot longer! A passenger lap of the world famous Nurburgring with a professional driver, like Sabine Schmitz, would take less than 10 minutes, but what a 10 minutes for Petrolheads!

Activities like jet skiing, karting and trampolining tend to be charged for 10 to 30 minute sessions. Some of these activities are surprisingly energetic, and this is probably a good reason for the length of the experience. After 15 minutes on a trampoline most folk are pretty exhausted! Even 15 minutes of jet skiing or karting is hard work, if you are doing it right!

Parachute Jumps are also in the 10 – 15 minute bracket, unless you go for the more extreme military method of skydiving known as HALO jumping – High Altitude Low Opening! But again what a 10 – 15 minute experience! A favourite on many people’s bucket lists!

But all of these are ‘endurance’ when we get down to the top three ‘all done already – wow – again, again!’ activities!

3rd - A go on the swings – about 2 - 5 minutes

There are some amazing ‘extreme swings’ in stunning natural locations around the world. And these are not your average self-propelled playground “swing your feet more” swings – We’re talking swings across gorges, 100’s of meters high and across. Swings which will leave your stomach well behind you, as you step into pure air, lots of it! A few minutes of pure adrenalin rush!

2nd – Bounce Bounce - Bungy Jumping - about 1 - 3 minutes

Leaping into the air, suspended by a bungy cord around your ankles, and plummeting to the earth over amazing scenery comes in at number 2 on our list. With around 1 – 2 minutes of intense, adrenalin rushing, upside down, horizon smashing fun!

1st - Dragster Rides – lights – action – stop! about 10 - 15 seconds

The winner, by quite a margin has to be high speed passenger dragster rides – at sub 10 – 15 seconds this one has to be the fastest ‘all over’ experience. Strapped tightly into your shaking car, with rather a lot of horsepower rumbling and exploding all around you, waiting for the green light, and then bang, you are off. Screaming up the quarter mile while your experienced pilot fights to control the vehicle in a straight line for a ¼ of a mile. And then after only a few seconds of high G force, high powered, high speed fun its hard on the brakes! But what a few seconds!

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