Saturday, March 31, 2012

Incredible New Zip Wire in Central London

An incredible new zip wire has been opened this morning in London, offering adrenalin seeking visitors to the UK’s capital city the opportunity to zip wire from the Iconic London Eye fairground wheel on the banks of the River Thames, over the famous river and right into the Houses of Parliament bar on the other side.

The X Thames Zip is the latest addition to the many unusual things to do in London.  It is the first of its kind in the world, and has taken over 3 years to develop. The unique WMMA (wheel mounted multi angle) zip wire offers riders the opportunity of choosing the speed and steepness of their descent. Using a revolutionary connecting mechanism, based up a Rotary Damper mechanism first used on a Suzuki Motorcycle, the zip wire is connected to the moving London Eye pods.  This means brave riders can choose to leap from the pods right at the top of the wheel's revolution, and travel at speeds of up to 80mph, whereas the more timid can choose to start their ride at the bottom of the wheel's rotation where it is almost level and travel over the Thames at a sedate 15mph.

Designed by the famous British Architect Bert Really, the zip wire has taken 13 years to get through the notoriously tough British Health and Safety system. Although riders of all ages will need to wear three safety harnesses, and carry with them spare pants, a flashlight and written permissions from their mums to take the ride.

The ride was originally due to open for New Years Eve, but designers had to go back to the drawing board when the original tensile steel cables were found to be too low for riders opting to take the slower ride. Heavier riders who were starting their rides at the bottom of the London Eye’s rotation, were taking an early bath in the Thames. A more elasticated cable has now been employed.

At the end of the ride visitors arrive at the Houses of Parliament bar where they can enjoy a drink and a cold pasty. Further health and safety issues here were overcome with the banning of MP Eric Joyce from the establishment.

The operators of the new ride, Starta Apreel Entertainments have stated that if this ride proves popular they have plans to open similar zip wire rides from the top of the Eifel Tower in France, the Burj Tower in Dubai and the Sydney Opera House.

Another one to add to the collection of many great things to do in London!

The X Thames Zip, which opened on 1st April 2012 has no association whatsover with either the Houses of Parliament or the London Eye.

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