Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things to do in London

London is YouGoDo’s top destination, in terms of the sheer number of great things to do in London. We offer over 630 great activities and experiences in the London area. So, with so much to choose from, what are most YouGoDo users looking to do in London? Here’s our top 3 generic London activity searches:

Unusual things to do in London

Our most popular London search, by quote a long margin, is users looking for Unusual things to do in London, where we have over 80 great ideas for those looking to visit the UK’s capital, and do more than just the standard museums, Buckingham Palace, Harrods and the London Eye! Not that there is anything wrong with any of these popular attractions! But many YouGoDo users are looking for an ‘Off the Wall London’ experience, some maybe returning visitors who have done ‘popular London’ on previous visits, or we simply attract users who are more adventurous and want to avoid the crowds.

Our extensive guide of the unusual things to do in London includes exciting ideas like Kayak Tours on the Thames, Ice Climbing, Roller Skiing, Horse Riding (not that unusual in itself as an activity, but an option many London visitors consider), Ice Bars, Classic Mini Tours, Treasure Hunts, Pedal Powered Pub Crawls, Helicopter Tours, Bus trips to New York and Sydney (yes you can take a bus around the world from London!), day trips to Paris (take in two capital cities in one day and experience the Channel Tunnel connecting England to France under the English Channel), etc.

Things to do in London with Teenagers

Second up in our list of popular London activity searches is things to do in London with Teenagers, where again we have a great deal of choice, for parents struggling to entertain their teenage children, and teenagers themselves looking for something ‘cool to do’ in London.

So if the Museums are ‘really lame’, or ‘so boring’ try some of our great activities for teens. Things like Ferrari Driving (yes for kids!), Urban Freeflow Classes, Paintball, High Speed Rib (speedboats!) Rides, Climbing Walls, Ghost Tours, Zorbing, American style baseball Batting Cages, football stadium tours, Duck Tours and much more. And if they play up take them to the museums!

Things to do in London when it rains!

Third up in our most popular London generic experiences searches is ‘things to do in London when it rains’! Mmmm – I’m from the UK so I suppose I should have guessed this would be in the top 3!

The weather in London is not that bad - It does not rain every day in England, although it can seem that way at times! YouGoDo has a great choice of things to do in London when the weather is a little inclement.

Great undercover activities like all of the popular Museums, Climbing Walls, Indoor Karting, great and unusual places to dine, cookery courses, flight simulators, wine tasting, ice skating, outdoor swimming, brewery tours, great shopping and much more! So just relax, grab your umbrella, hum the tune to ‘singing in the rain’ and go visit the museums, hit the credit cards in Harrods, dine is panoramic restaurants while watching the public run around in the rain and enjoy seeing the Thames topping up. It’s part of the experience, and there are plenty of great places which make it easy to enjoy wet London.

Have fun in the smoke!

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