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Top 10 Kayaking Adventures

of my personal favourite sports, Kayaking is superb. I own two kayaks and enjoy kayaking in Spain, making my way out into the med to kayak with dolphins on a 'flat sea' summer evening is superb, as is kayaking on the locals lakes and waterways.

As well as being great fun and meeting the needs of all tastes, from adrenalin freaks to gentle nature watchers, the sport ticks all the right 'eco' and ‘good for you’ boxes. Its no wonder it is growing in popularity!

The Kayak is a superb way of getting up close to nature, both water and land based. The way a kayak silently glides across the surface of the water, allows you to get up close to superb wildlife and nature. And for the adrenalin freaks there are some superb white water adventures, through stunning scenery all around the world.

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Top 10 Kayak Adventures

Kayaking with Whales and Icebergs

Explore some of Canada’s most amazing places, kayaking in among incredible icebergs and natures gentle giants, whales. Glide silently alongside creaking giant towers of white ice, and the noises from the blowholes of passing whales.

High Adrenalin Kayaking in Nepal

One for the adrenalin freaks this one, a full 10 day tour in the magnificent Nepal region, a hardcore 270km trip crossing numerous Class V (the big stuff) rapids, as you pass through breath-taking nature.

Kayaking in Venice or London

See some of the world’s most magnificent cities from another angle. Work your way along the River Thames on a kayak tour of London, or get in among the Gondolas on a kayak tour of Venice.

Kayaking with Killer Whales

Another for those looking for excitement, getting up close to some of the largest hunters on the planet, yet for some unknown reason Human Friendly hunters. Cruise up beside huge killer whales in the natural habitats.

Heli kayaking in Australia

Access the areas other cannot reach, by starting your white water kayak adventure with the advantage of a helicopter, to get you into the true wilderness of Australia’s Atherton Tablelands. Then kayak your way through great white water sections and unspoilt nature.

Take a Kayak Safari in Africa

For canoeing and kayaking enthusiast looking for added excitement, join this safari trip through the floodplains of the middle Zambezi River, through the Mupata Gorge, to the confluence of the Luangwa river. Get up close to Africa’s amazing nature as they visit the waters to drink.

Kayak Bike Wine and Chateau

One for those looking to take a ‘semi relaxing active break’, if there is such a thing! Gentle kayaking and cycling through some of France’s finest scenery during the days. Then staying in superb French Chateau accommodation, and enjoying fine French wining and dining each evening. Just active enough!

Glass Bottom Kayaking

Get out and enjoy the underwater world in your own personal glass bottom boat! Clear kayaks are now available to rent in numerous locations, allowing you to glide over the waters, while enjoying the views of the fascinating world under your kayak.

Kayaking in Croatia

Croatia’s stunning coastline, crystal clear seas, over 1000 islands, great national parks and warm climate make it a superb country to enjoy kayaking. As a result there is everything on offer, from white water, short one hour kayak trips from great tourist destinations like Trogir and Dubrovnik, up to multi day tours covering multiple islands and parks. Croatia is a superb place to enjoy kayaking.

Kayaking and Snorkelling in Newquay

Enjoy exploring the beauty of Newquay in Cornwall, from above and below the water. Take a tour which includes both kayaking and snorkelling. With luck witness Basking Sharks, Dolphins and/or seals during your trip.

If you have yet to try it make this the year you pick up a paddle and get out and enjoy the water on a Kayak - take a look at over 600 places to try kayaking activities from all around the world.

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