Friday, December 2, 2011

Top 10 Weird Ways to see the World

There are just so many great ways of seeing this small world, in fact I did not realise just how many until I started to compile this top ten! With our tens of thousands of great and unusual tours, this list could have very easily become a top 25 weird ways of seeing the world, or maybe more. So fierce was the competition that Segway Tours, Pushbike Tours, Endurance Bus Tours, Jetboat Tours, Sailing Tours, Helicopter Tours, Trike Tours, Kayak Tours, Dog Sled Tours, Horse Tours, Hummer Tours and Horse Drawn Caravan Tours all failed to make the top 10!

Anyway, here is the roll of honour in YouGoDo’s top 10 Weird Ways to see the world.

Quarry Taxi Tours of the Erzberg Quarry in Austria

It’s not
every day you get the opportunity to take a tour of an amazing quarry like the incredible Erzberg Quarry in Austria. It’s even more unusual to get the chance to ride in one of those monster yellow Quarry Vehicles, which has been converted into a taxi to give guest quarry tours. The ‘Hauly’s (yes they have more than one!) are 860bhp beasts, which are some 11.5m long, 5.5m wide and an amazing 4.5m high. Not sure how they cover the fuel costs!

Snowmobile Safaris in Alaska

What a great escape – heading out into the white wilderness, on a multi-day snowmobile safari covering hundreds of miles of Alaska’s beautiful interior.

Hagglund Tours in New Zealand

I’d never heard of a Hagglund before I saw the images of this one, up to its door handles in mud. Looks a great adventure, lots of engine and mud – what a great combo!

Tundra Buggy Tours

OK not that many places in the world where you can enjoy a ride in a Tundra Buggy, well with this one you can even sleep in it, as it’s a Tundra Hotel. Probably the only place in the world where you can spend the night sleeping with Polar Bears – if you know another please let me know!

Duck Tours of loads of locations!

Duck Tours, offering visitors the best of both world’s (land and water) are surprisingly popular. You can take Duck Tour of many iconic locations all around the world. Amphibious vehicles take passengers on tours of top locations, from both the land and the water. Some of the vehicles look ex-army, but some of the modern stuff just looks like the average bus! Great fun.

Classic Bike Tours of Spain

One for the mid life crisis biker bunch here (like me!), those of us born in the early 60’s. What better way to enjoy the sunny climate, and stunning scenery, of southern Spain than riding all of the iconic motorcycles of your dreams, from your teens and twenties. I can smell the two stroke from here - just need a long hair wig now!

Gyrocopter Tours

Another rare form of transport – offering passengers the ability to hover and access places, which are possibly even out of the reach of helicopters! And some great tour offerings here, including flying up close with vultures in Andalucia, Spain.

Carver One Tours of Germany

The amazing motorcycle / car cross
over vehicle, a futuristic looking vehicle which leans into corners like a motorcycle. What a great way to experience the forest and roads of Germany.

Jet Ski Tours in the USA

Possibly the coolest of our jet skiing activities. Jet skiing is probably not the first thing which would come to mind when looking at a multi-day tours of the USA. But with this tour you jet ski from hotel to hotel covering huge expanses of waterways each day, on possibly the most adrenalin churning water transport available to man. Great fun – I ride one myself!

Sightseeing like a local

What better way can there to be to see a glamorous city, than from the seat of one of
that country’s iconic average peoples cars. We have quite a choice here including great 2CV Tours of Paris, cool Mini Cooper Tours of London and old eastern block Trabant tours of Krakow or Berlin.

There just so many great choices of wierd ways to see the world! Take your pick!

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