Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Next Generation of Jet Skis?

Just come across this incredible new way of having water fun, the amazing FlyBoard from Zapata Racing.

These crazy french guys have hooked up a jet pack personal flight type device, with a Jet Ski (or one of its own jet ski like tow along packs). Oh and they seem to have thrown in a shorty snowboard for good measure!

The result is the amazing FlyBoard, a device which allows you to come as close as I have seen to swimming like a dolphin, or hovering above the water like a seagull!

Take a look at the video!

I've seen a few similar devices and we have featured them on this blog, but the difference with this one is it is not considered a prototype - it appears to be on the market, available to buy right now - get your 4,900 euros on the table and you too can be flying like a seagull and swimming like a dolphin!

Regular readers of this blog will know I am a keen jet skiier, and as a result YouGoDo is full of great jet skiing activities. I wonder where the first hire FlyBoard centre will crop up!

Roll on more water and air fun!

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