Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jetpack Flights

Jetpack Flights, like buses - well not quite like buses in terms of the experience, but comparable to buses when using the old saying 'you wait ages for one to come along, and then two turn up at the same time'!

That's been the case this month on YouGoDo, with two great locations where you can fly a personal Jetpack, both popping up together.

Up until very recently Jet Packs have only been accessible to the likes of James Bond, nutty professors and the super-rich. The 'traditional' jet packs are powered by compact jet engines in custom made back packs. These require skilled pilots and big bags of money. In additional they offer a pretty bumpy landing in the event of 'getting it wrong'.

Just recently two companies, we are aware of, have applied Jet Ski type technology, using water jets to provide the thrust for the jet pack, with dramatic effect. What's so great about this - well number 1 is it is putting jet pack flights into the hands of the general public! Epic!!

Pros and Cons of Water Jet Packs over Jet Engined Jet Packs

Starting with the advantages of the 'conventional' jet engined Jet Packs -

1) other than fuel capacity these have no height restrictions - although in reality flight time is pretty limited due to the weight of the necessary fuel.

2) you are truly flying, with no cables or lines connecting you to planet earth.

3) You can fly over land and water.

All great advantages but lets look at the advantages of the water powered Jet Packs:

1) Fairly unlimited flight times - the fuel is held in the attached jet ski or engine/fuel pods which trail behind you on the water surface. So you can fly for an hour or more if you wish.

2) Lower flight altitudes, you are attached to a engine pod or jetski, and you have to fly lower and hence have less distance to fall!

3) You are flying over water - offering a softer landing pad!

4) The ability to 'fly' underwater - swim like a dolphin porpoising in and out of the water

5) Simpler to master - the connecting hose offers a degree of stability making is easier to master flight

6) Lower costs - although the two I am aware of at the moment from JetLev and Zapata Racing vary greatly in terms of cost, both are significantly more accesible than the traditional Jet Engined packs. The Zapata Racing offering starts below 5000 euros (plus the donor jetski for the propulsion)

7) For all of the above reasons - you and me - Joe Public can get our sweaty mits on one and fly it! Woohooo

Where can I fly a Jet Pack

To date we have two locations available, both in the USA. Get yourself along to fly a jetpack Lake Havasu in Arizona or try a jetpack flight in Key West in the Florida Keys.

But hopefully thats just the start - here at YouGoDo we look forward to welcoming many many more - you can never have too many places to play on one of these things!

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