Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bucket List Activities

The saying ‘Bucket List’ was made famous in the 2007 Warner Brothers movie of the same name, in which the two stars of the film set out to complete their ‘Bucket Lists’, their lists of things they wanted to do before they ‘kicked the bucket’ (died!).

'Things to do before you die', has been the longer established term for such great and ambitious things to do. Here at YouGoDo we love this sort of stuff, and the site features several thousand activities which we term, ‘unusual things to do’. These are often the types of activities which make up your average person’s bucket list ideas – things to do like parachuting, bungy jumping, jet skiing, elephant back safaris, hot air balloon flights, etc.

But as stated above we have over 2000 of these great and unusual activities and experiences. It’s a lot to choose from, and some people really want to go extreme for their bucket list – after all in most cases, if you do it properly, you only die the once! Mmmmm a much nicer way of putting this would be ‘you only live once’ and ‘life is short’!

So for those who really want to make their bucket ideas something very special we have the ‘Inspirational activities’ section. These are the top 300 or so activities which are really special / off the wall! We love these activities, hand pick them, and push them up the rankings a lot so they get seen more often.

With the year about to end many people will be coming up with their 2012 New Year’s Resolutions. Adding bucket list activities should be right up their with, or above really, things like calling your mum more often and putting the toilet seat down!

We cannot recommend anything better than browsing our ‘inspiration activities' and ‘unusual things to do’ pages – 1,000’s of great ideas. Life’s too short, get out and try something new – I cannot imagine many happy people who would not love hot air ballooning, diving, riding a horse or taking a trip in a glider for the first time!

Here’s a few thousand great activity ideas, to include in your Bucket List and 2012 New Year’s Resolutions:

Hot Air Ballooning

– Gliding in silence a few hundred metres above the ground in some of the world’s most incredible locations.

Scuba Diving

– gliding through the amazing world below the surface of the water, discovering new habitats and getting up close to some amazing wildlife.

Helicopter Flights

– seeing some of the world’s great destinations, from places only a helicopter can reach.

Horse Riding

– Getting out and into the natural world on the back of a four legged friend. Some amazing experiences from short trail rides and horse surfing, up to multi day trails and crossing the Andes on horseback.

Mountain Biking

experience great countryside, amazing bike parks, downhill single trail rides down from cable cars and much more.

Motor Sports Activities

– live out you Michael Schumacher fantasies with F1 drives and race schools, drive the car of your dreams and impress the neighbours with a Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lamborghini parked on your dive.


– try at parachute jump, leap out of a perfectly good aeroplane, feel the adrenalin of free fall and take in the views as you plummet thousands of feet before gliding back to earth.

Jet Ski

– simply hire a jetski or take a jetski safari - ride the closest thing to a motorcycle on water, accelerate at Porsche Turbo pace and see great wildlife at the same time.

Extreme Flights

– have your stomach turned inside out with G forces you have never imagined possible, experience Zero G weightlessness, watch the earth spin beneath you and live out your Top Gun fantasies.

Motorcycling Experiences

– get on your bike and ride, experience the freedom of motorcycling on one of numerous great motorbike experiences, take amazing off road tours through wilderness, ride a Harley along the seafront, take a trike tour of a 1372km long golf course or go see another country on a great hired modern or classic bike.

The list goes on with numerous other great experiences like snowmobile tours, fantastic hiking and climbing experiences, obscure tours and much more.

REMEMBER - Far more people arrive at the great pearly gates wishing they had worked less, than the number who arrive wishing they had driven less Ferraris, done less scuba diving, rode less horses, etc!

Have a great 2012, make those New Year’s Resolutions happened and bring down the length of that Bucket List! Let us know how you got on and send in the pictures!

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