Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 New Years Resolutions

Wow - end of the year again. I hope it was a memorable one, because if you are doing it right, lifes too short! You will probably, depending on your life style and place of birth, get less than 100! So another 1% down, lets plan to make the next 1% amazing! Its the time of year to start planning your New Years Resolutions - what you plan to do in the next 12 months.

Now strangely New Years Resolutions always seem to be thought of as a pain - a list of things you really enjoy doing which you are going to stop doing or do less - drink less, smoke less, etc! All good for you, but hell where's the fun!

Life's too short - New Years Resolutions should be the immense things you have always wanted to do, but never got around to, so far.

The bucket list activities, things like:

the amazing adrenalin rush of trying something like bungy jumping or paragliding

the satisfaction of climbing a local mountain

the sensations of visiting an amazing country which is totally different to your 'comfort zone'

seeing some amazing wild animals in the natural habitats - what will it be killer whales, tigers, lions, great white sharks...

the thrill of trying a sport like Scuba diving

the fun of driving a digger, riding a motorcycle, hiring a trike, ordriving a Lamborghini

flying in a hot air balloon

taking a helicopter flight

Hell now we're talking - New Years
Resolutions that put you in the child like - "I can't wait!" zone.

Take a look at the 30,000+ great activity ideas on YouGoDo, and especially those on the unusual things to do pages - more than 2,000 incredible experiences.

Top two in my list for 2012 - cycling the length of Spain, North to South, and driving down through Morocco to visit the Sahara Desert.

What will you be doing! Remember this time next year you will probably have more than 1% less time to complete your Bucket List!

Happy New Year from YouGoDo - Do something amazing in 2012! Let us know your plans and the resulting success!

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