Monday, December 19, 2011

10 Amazing Diving Activities

Scuba diving is an superb sport, a pastime which opens up an amazing underwater world, and bizarrely gives you the 'feeling of flying', well it does me anyway! Gliding over coral reefs, admiring the underwater sea life and the stunning vibrant colours (I'm not one for the deeper dives where the colours tend to fade a little, but each to their own!). Exploring wrecks, and coming up face to face with some of the world's most awesome creatures, all add to the strong appeal of diving.

Here's the YouGoDo Top 10 amazing diving experiences:

Diving with Great White Sharks

Probably not most demanding, in terms of required diving skills, as with luck when you encounter the magnificent Great White Shark up close, you will be in only a few feet of water, and in the safety of your comfort cage! This is one for my bucketlist - a must do. The incredible size, and prehistoric design, of the Great White make them a fascinating sight, from above or below the water. Take your pick from Australia (Port Lincoln), South Africa (Gansbaai) or the USA (California) for the Great White Dives featured on YouGoDo.

Diving with Killer Whales

Another awesome animal encounter, getting up close to Killer Whales, and strangely although these creatures can be a whole lot bigger than the great white, their comparatively 'cuddly nature' allows divers to get into the water with them, without the need for the cage. Not a dive for 'pussies', this one takes place in the cool Fjords of Norway, where the whales come inland to feed (on herring!). Described as the Formula 1 of Diving, it looks epic.


Take a deep breath before reading this one - a non scuba diving entry into the top ten. SCUBA being Self Contained Underwater Breathing Aparatus, means this is simply 'Diving' as free diving is just you, one deep breath and nature. Learn the techniques of diving to incredible depths on one breath of air. Some great locations to try this in, or why not try it in Brussels of all places, in a world record 33m deep pool!

Dive to the Titanic

A serious dive expedition, and probably a little too deep for the Free Divers, this is a submarine dive expedition taking you on an amazing 3-4 hour underwater trip to 12,500 feet under the surface. Here you will witness the wreck of the world famous Titanic, the unsinkable cruise liner which went to the bottom of the sea, sadly with great losses, on its maiden voyage, after making contact with an iceberg.

Kids Shark Dives

How cool is this for a kids party, allowing your kids and their mates to dive with sharks. But although its 'ubercool' with the kids, it's not too big a worry for the parents, as (a) its indoors in a huge aquarium just north of Edinburgh and (b) it uses a child friendly cage to ensure no unwelcome contact takes place!

Diving with Whales

Diving with whales, earth's gentle giants. Get in the water and swim with these amazing giant animals at a variety of locations around the world. And if getting out into the ocean is too big a deal you can even swim with Whale Sharks (I know they are fish, not whales! but they are still damn big fish) at the amazing Georgia Aquarium in Texas.

Diving in Oman

Although I'm no diver I've had the pleasure of beginner's dives and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, the Florida Keys and in Oman. And mates always wondered why I did not fancy going to Stoney Cove (a disused Slate Quarry in the North of England) in November! Oman was incredible, mainly due to the fact it is relatively undiscovered, when compared to numerous other long established dive locations like Egypt and Australia, and Oman's emphasis on attracting eco tourism. The almost 'bath warm' waters of the gulf are like stepping into a more colourful version of the Finding Nemo film! Excellent diving.

Dive the Barrier Reef

It's all location, location, location and the Great Barrier Reef, due to its global positioning and it's huge area, makes it a great diving location. With numerous operators offering everything from day trips for absolute beginners up to week long live aboard trips, and helicopter trips out to multiple remote locations, there is great diving for everyone.

Some great underwater adventures to be had - if going scuba diving is on your bucketlist choose your destination and get it done in 2012!


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