Thursday, November 17, 2011

The World’s Greatest Endurance Activities

With so many great things to do from around the world, naturally YouGoDo features some incredibly tough adventures. Those activities which, unlike a trip to the zoo, take more than a few weeks of training! So here it is - YouGoDo’s:

Top 10 Endurance Activities

Row the Atlantic

For those with good upper body strength, the ability to be rocked to sleep each
night, an allergy to sea sickness tablets and a yearning for adventure this could be the trip for you. 45 to 50 nights at sea as you row your way across the Atlantic Ocean, from the Spanish Canary Islands to Barbados! How good is that first beer in Barbados going to taste? If you can stand steady enough to drink it on arrival!

Climb Everest

For those with a good head for heights,
how about taking on the World’s highest mountain. A 65 day climb to the summit of Mount Everest for a true 360 degree view - cloud permitting – Oh my wouldn’t that be a bummer to arrive at the top in cloud! Although I guess if it’s looking cloudy you would not attempt the summit! So I guess you are more likely to suffer from ‘out of memory’ or ‘low battery’ at the summit.

Cycle the Andes Trail

For those with legs and knees of steel, not to mention the butt! Enjoy a truly stunning, albeit 11,000km (6,875 miles sounds easier!) 132 day bicycle ride which takes you the full length of South America, from Quito to Ushuaia. Or if this sounds a little tough take an easier route cycling Coast to Coast across the United States (only 76 days!).

Horse Riding across the Andes

For those with lungs the size of hot air balloons and an iron butt how about climbing aboard your horse and riding across the Andes. This 7 day trip takes you through the stunning Andean scenery in Argentina and Chile.

Snowmobile Safari

And if cool is your thing, mixed with petrol head fun, then how about a 5 day snowmobile
safari through the stunning white interior of Alaska. An amazing trip into the wilderness. Don’t forget the sunnies! Or if this seems a bit easy why not try a 7 day snow shoeing trip in Finland – crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch…….

Camel Treks

Experience the desert wilderness and camp out under incredible star lit skies, in places where light pollution is a far off issue. Why is this in our most enduring activities? I’ve seen the TV programs – westerners and camel riding do not seem to be a natural mix!

Wingsuit Flying

How can something a crazy as wingsuiting make it into the most enduring activities – flights last about 4-10 minutes! Well it makes this list due to the fact most wingsuit flying schools will not look at you until you have completed 200 solo freefall flights (or should that be drops?). So to make the grade you have to have the desire, the cash and the endurance to go through 200 free falls!

London to Sydney Bus

OK, so probably not the toughest challenge on this list when compared to climbing Everest or cycling the Andes Trail (I guess it depends on who ends up sitting next to you!). But quite an expedition all the same – a 13 week bus trip across 20 countries from one side of the world to the other.

The Nullabor Links Golf Course

OK we are getting towards the bottom of the list now and things seem to be easing up a little – a game of golf in at number 9. Well the Nullabor Links is no normal golf course. This 18 hole par 72 course covers an incredible 1,365km (will you be needing a buggy sir?). Allow around 4 days for a round, depending on how quickly you play! And hope the players in front don’t hold you up!

Sail and Bike Croatia

By number 10 things must be getting easier, and this one sounds very easy – 7 nights sailing and cycling in Croatia – an idyllic cruise! I was pleasantly surprised with this one to find it involved some 235km of cycling in between sailing each evening to another picture postcard island. OK it’s not the full on 11,000km up there at number 2, but it’s no kiddies holiday either!

Take you pick and get into training! Find all of these great things to do and tens of thousands more on YouGoDo.

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