Friday, October 14, 2011

Unusual things to do in Spain – Base jumping from a hotel!

Now here on YouGoDo we pride ourselves on our huge selection of unusual things to do from around the world, and this includes a great selection of unusual things to do in Spain, our home country.

But we have not yet found any operators offering this great fun base jumping experience. In the below video (which from a language point of view is probably 18 rated), a group of crazy, but a little potty mouthed, adrenalin freaks quickly climb onto the external elevator of the Hotel Bali in Benidorm (WOW I stayed there about a zillion years ago – it has changed a bit since I was there – I think ‘been bulldozed and built again’ is the correct term!). It now stands proudly above Benidorm at a height of 186m, making it the tallest hotel in Spain and Europe.

After a great ride to the top on the external elevator pods with stunning views, if Benidorm can be described as stunning, they take turns to jump!

I wonder if the architects had this in mind when designing the lifts as access seemed pretty good!

When I stayed at the Hotel Bali, all those years ago, all they had on offer was bingo and poodle shows! Good to see things have moved on - check out this list of the current great things to do in Benidorm.

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