Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Unusual things to do in France

We all know about the usual things to do in France like visit a market, buy some garlick, wear a blue and white hooped shirt a string of onions and a round flat hat, invade it, eat snails and frogs legs and horses, visit the Eifel tower and Disneyland Paris.

But what are the unusual things to do in France. Read on to find out more about the inspirational ideas for great fun activities, which are a little off the beaten track, when in France.
Here is the YouGoDo top 10 unusual things to do in France:

The Speed riding school at Les Arcs

Think an adrenalin fuelled combination of skiing and paragliding and you get the idea. A seriously fun way of getting down the mountain on and off piste, actually on and off the ground would be a better description!

Heli karting in the South of France

Now that’s just showing off! But what a great way to show off, having a helicopter whisk you and your mates off to the go kart track for some seriously competitive karting fun in the sun!

Multi day unguided horse tours in Armagnac

What better way of experiencing the beauty of the French countryside, for experiences horse riders, than on an unguided multi night tour of Armagnac on horseback.

Chartres Light Shows

What a great idea, and one which is becoming ever more popular at other locations around the world! Each evening all of the major monuments in the French town of Chartres are illuminated with exciting and unusual light shows. What a great setting for a wine crawl!

Wingsuit School

They don’t get much more crazy and adrenalin filled than this – free fall flying your body, with a special jump suit with webbing! But as you would expect this is not for beginners - you need to have completed 200 free fall parachute jumps before you even think about applying!

Ice Driving in Flaine

Proper blokey fun – thrapsing a rally car round and round and round and round on ice! How daft – what fun!

Ice diving in the French Alps

And talking of daft how about going diving under the ice sheets in the lakes of the alps! Cool – really Cool!

Canoe and bike tours of Chateaux and wine country

Not all unusual activities need to be high adrenalin. This tour looks incredibly relaxing, enjoying canoeing along quiet waterways, cycling through pretty French countryside and enjoying the surrounding scenery, Chateaux and of course a few great French wines!

Snow Mountain Biking

Now Mountain Biking is a favourite pastime of mine, and it’s always a great way of picking up new bruises and breaking a bone or two. But if it’s not quite hairy enough for you and your mates, why not up the stakes a little and go snow mountain biking in the French Alps.

2CV Tours in France

When in France as they say (or was that Rome)! Climb on board an amazing 2CV, the French peasants car designed to take a man and his provisions to market, and enjoy a tour of France, from numerous locations, as the French used to! And as they are so slow you will have plenty time to admire the sights!

More unusual thing to do in France!

As usual the top 10 was a tough list to agree on, there are plenty other great and unusual activities which just missed the cut! The Medocaine (an amazing wine fuelled bike race), Electric scooter tours of Paris, creating your own perfumes in Grasse and the crazy Sky Fly human kite experience at Leucate to name just a few.

All of the above activities are available on YouGoDo so take a look at the full selection of unusual things to do in France.

Grab your onions and go!

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