Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tree Top Parks

These great eco-friendly adventure parks are becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. They are a great place to have fun with family, friends and groups.

What is a tree top park?

For anyone new to the concept, a tree top park is generally an area of forest, where the trees have been used as building blocks to create great fun courses, up off the ground, using ropes, steps, nets and other materials.

So to start with you are usually in great natural surroundings, protected from the harsh sun (Spain, Italy, etc), or wind and rain (there are loads in the UK ;-) just joking) in the heart of a forest, often by a lake, cycling tracks, hiking areas, etc. Usually a superb place for a family day out or a picnic. And there are usually many nice walks in the surrounding areas, for those who do not ‘have the bottle’ (which is very unlikely to be the excuse these people give – bad back, knee problems, allergy to pine needles, etc).

Those with ‘the bottle’ have great fun working their way along mapped out courses through the tree tops. The parks usually have several courses to suit varying degrees of ability and ‘bottle’, a little like the green, blue, red, black run system used for skiing!

Along each course there will be numerous challenges (or hazards!) to overcome. For example wooden tunnels, swaying rope bridges, high swings, rope ladders, etc. You are of course strapped to a safety wire at all times (or you should be!).

Then throw in some high adrenalin, high speed, high height, big drop zip wires and you have a recipe for great fun!

Where can I visit a tree top park?

So popular are these parks that we have now created a new YouGoDo category solely for tree top parks. This allows users to quickly find great adventures in the trees at their desired location.

There are numerous tree top parks in the UK, and YouGoDo has details of over 20 locations through the UK where you can go along and have some fun.

Over in mainland Europe there are several tree top parks in Spain (here, with the great year round climate, they are becoming more and more popular - only last month locally to me they opened the new Marbella Tree Top Park – Amazonia Aventura in Elviria), a good selection in France and over the border in Italy. And given the superb natural mountain climbing facilities in Switzerland and Austria its maybe a little surprising to see the parks here too!

Further afield we have details of tree top parks in Australia, USA and Costa Rico to name just a few.

So strap yourself in, helmet on, deep breath and go for it!!

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