Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top 10 Cycling Activities

The bike is a great way of exploring the world, eco friendly it allows you to access amazing on and off road locations, while taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the world around you. And keeping fit too ;-)

YouGoDo is run by keen cyclists who enjoy on and off road cycling. Indeed I’m currently planning my own biking adventure riding from the North coast of Spain, down the length of the country to the South coast in the near future.

So we especially love to see great cycling activities on YouGoDo - but what are the worlds best biking experiences?

Here’s our current Top 10 Cycling Activities:

1) Mountain Biking the world’s most dangerous road – an amazing, and this sounds good 'mainly downhill' ride in Bolivia. Starting at an amazing 15,400 feet altitude, passing places where the road has a vertigo inducing 3,330 foot sheer drop, and ending at 3,600 feet! Sounds epic!

2) For the real endurance cycling enthusiasts – How about Cycling the Andes Trail – on an amazing 11,000km ride through South America, or doing a 'less ambitious' American Coast to Coast Bike Ride, crossing the whole of North America from the Alatntic to the Pacific coasts.

3) Mountain Bike Parks – Take your choice of some amazing mountain bikes parks in stunning settings (there is even an indoor park - In the USA where else!). Experience Ultimate Mountain Bike adrenalin rushes on amazing ‘man enhanced’ routes and trails.

4) Mountain Bike Safaris – Mix an African big game safari in Kenya with mountain biking WOW - probably a good thing to make sure you are not the most out of shape on this one!

5) Heli biking – Again this is available in several great locations, using a helicopter to get you to the places others cannot reach and then cycling through true unspoilt scenery.

6) Bicycle Bars – OK scrub the 'and keeping fit' point made above for this one! But what a way to see a city, although I'm not sure how much of the city you will remember. Sitting at a bar, aboard a custom made bicycle bar, with a group of mates, a driver and a barmaid (or barman) while pedal powering your way around some great cities.

7) Mixing Cycling and water fun – How about Mountain Biking and Sailing in Croatia – A fantastic 7 day tour of stunning Croatia, sailing from island to island each day, and cycling some 235km through stunning scenery in between the sailing. Or just as great sounding, and a lot easier, a relaxed Bike and Kayaking tour through France while enjoying staying in amazing Chateaux and of course the odd glass of French wine.

8) Visit a great cycling event – take part in the Medocaine, a superb fun, what should we call it - ‘annual bike wine crawl’ in France, or sit back and watch the amazing Valparaiso Cerro Abajo, an incredible Urban Downhill Bike Race which runs right through the centre of Valparaiso in Chile. Or maybe simply go to France and follow the Tour de France.

9) Cycling in the Swiss Alps - Take a high tech 263km 5 day self lead (with provided pre programmed GPS units) mountain bike ride through the amazing Swiss Alps. Travel light as your bags are taken to the next hotel for you each day!

10) A real off road adventure, in fact off the ground and mid air – Shweebing is a fun race around an aerial suspended track against a mate in a futuristic pedal powered transporter!

As always, with over 800 great cycling activities on YouGoDo, it’s a tough choice to pick 10 – there are some amazing road and mountain cycling activities to choose from, all around the world!

Take a look and get your biking gear on!

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