Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Need for Speed: 10 Fast and Furious Adventures in the UK

If you’re always chasing the heady thrill of an adrenaline rush but you’re not sure what’s out there, check out these suggestions for your next fix of quick…

1] Quad Biking
Tearing round a track on a four-wheeled bike is all well and good, but what you really want to be doing is getting out into the country – it’s the quad’s natural habitat, after all. Trek round this working hill farm near Cardiff and if it’s wet and muddy, hang on to your helmet.

2] Kids Supercar Driving Experiences
Just why should adults have all the fun, eh? Treat the kids to a sensational day driving a real supercar of their choosing. They’ll learn driving techniques in a smaller car before being unleashed with their instructor along the 1.8-mile purpose-built circuit at Prestwold Hall, Leicestershire.

3] Rally Driving Experience At Silverstone Racetrack
Silverstone’s purpose-built Rally School will provide an amazing day to remember as you tear round the challenging courses in one of a range of classic rally vehicles, from Ford Escort Mk IIs to Subarus. Choose between half-day, full-day and even night time courses to suit.

4] 2 Seater Dragster Thrill Ride ExperienceAll aboard for the fastest two-seater passenger ride in the UK! Built by Richardson Brothers of Tennessee, the sinister-looking dragster is capable of tearing down the quarter-mile of Santa Pod strip in Northants at 170mph in eight seconds. You’ll be accelerating faster than a fighter jet…

5] Tank Driving In Northamptonshire
Manoeuvring a 55-tonne tank is all fine and dandy, but crushing a car with one is where it’s really at. Tanks A Lot Ltd offer this service as well as plenty of others, such as swimming an amphibious truck and undertaking survival courses with ex-Royal Marines, at their Northampton HQ.

6] Formula One Car Passenger RidesStrapped into a Minardi F1x2 two-seater car, you’ll experience the G force and incredible rush that has until recently been the exclusive preserve of the elite Formula One racing driver. Your instructor is likely to be an ex Formula One driver, too, and the car is F1-specced and ready to go racing – are you?

7] Powerboat Training In Cornwall
Powerboating is a blast of genuine exhilaration, and this great training course will show you precisely how to get the most out of the powerboat’s capabilities. A two-day course will give you a proper grounding in all aspects of driving these incredible machines safely, and there’s a choice of boats to get to grips with.

8] Flight Simulator Experiences
It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll ever get to pilot a real jet fighter or commercial airliner – but you can experience the nearest thing to it, with Real Simulation’s incredibly realistic flight simulators. Featuring hydraulic motion, Surround Sound and intense visuals, you’ll take off and land a Boeing 737 or put an F4 Phantom fighter through its paces.

9] Dodgems For Grown Ups
Have a quite literally smashing time as you race your mates in bona fide 1300cc Saloon Stockcars, in proper race conditions with a commentator and trophies. Two heats and a grand final are guaranteed on the half-day outing, with a max of 40 drivers competing in a session. You’ll receive a souvenir programme and you never know – you may win that coveted trophy.

10] Jet Ski Safaris In Newquay
Cornwall’s coastline has probably never whizzed by as quickly or as thrillingly as it will from the vantage point of a super-speedy personal watercraft! Join Cornwall Waverunner Safaris and their experienced instructors, and be crowned king of the waves.

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