Friday, July 22, 2011

The Best Locations for a Luxury Family Holiday

A holiday is designed to be an escape from reality, offering a glimpse into your dream world. Somewhere far removed from your everyday life and in a place where you can fully relax, unwind, explore or absorb. However, sometimes that’s made a little more difficult if you have others to entertain. You might be taking your family away on their first holiday or organising a family wedding on an exotic island, in which case the location of your holiday requires some serious thought. Want a little helping hand? Explore the locations below and you’ll be sure to find that sought after happy-medium, ensuring that everyone in your party is kept busy, giving you peace of mind and time to enjoy the luxury surroundings.

SPAIN – Tenerife

There are plenty of reasons as to why Tenerife is one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe. It is often seen as the ideal family destination due to its wide range of activities for all age groups. For families, things to do in Tenerife include endless swimming pools, water parks, aquariums, dolphinariums, wildlife parks and cable car rides across the island’s volcanic terrain.
Luxury hotel recommendation: Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque.

GREECE – Crete

Crete’s rich history and mountainous landscape make it ideal for any family holiday. Things to do in Crete include adventures across the many valleys and gorges or taking a journey into many of its small, welcoming villages. Other areas of interest include the ancient ruins in the area of Knossos and Phiastos, which are sure to open minds and cause imaginations to wander. Just looking to relax on the beach? It’d be hard to avoid seeing as Crete’s coastline stretches over 1,000 kilometres!

Luxury holidays to Crete can be booked through agents such as Simpson Travel.


Dubai is the destination which personifies the phrase “luxury holiday”. Believe it or not, Dubai offers a lot more than real estate development opportunities for the rich and famous! Unusual things to do in Dubai include camel riding, sand boarding 4x4 desert tours and everyone’s favourite pastime, shopping! Yes it is expensive, but it is also one of the most dreamlike locations on earth.
Luxury hotel recommendation: One and Only Royal Mirage.


Jamaica’s lively culture and wide range of beach activities will keep even the most active of children and adults busy and enthralled! Things to do in Jamaica include year round Jamaican food and music festivals, horseback riding experiences, beach sports, water sports and several nature and village tours. The Caribbean sun and lush landscapes will provide a beautiful backdrop for plenty of those embarrassing family photos.
Luxury hotel recommendation: Half Moon Rose Hall.

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