Monday, June 20, 2011

Worlds Best Horse Riding Adventures

YouGoDo is full of the world’s best adventures, including over 450 great horse riding experiences.

It's tough to get to a top 10, from this wide range of differing fun global riding activities and experiences, but here goes!

YouGoDo’s Top 10 Horse Riding experiences:

1) Crossing the Andes on Horseback – A 7 day tour crossing the amazing Andes at over 4,000m, starting in Argentina and ending in Chile. What better way to cross this stunning scenery.

2) Exploring Mongolia on horseback – The horse is still very much an integral part of everyday day life for the Mongolian people. Several operators offer Mongolian horse riding tours and adventures, allowing you to experience Mongolian culture, and witness the horse in it’s natural working environment. We even have Mongolian camel and yak treks on offer if a horse is too conventional for you!

3) Cowboy Trail Rides from Las Vegas – Experience the dream from all of the old western movies, get out on the stunning trails away from it all, yet close to Las Vegas.

4) Horseback wine tours – Enjoy wine and riding with a horseback winery tour in Australia, or a horse riding and wine tasting trip in France or the USA, or ‘when in Panama’ try horse riding and coffee tasting!

5) 4 and 6 day unguided horse trail rides in France – A great way of exploring the French Armagnac countryside, just you and your horses. One for the experienced, and those who can read a map!

6) Horse riding on the beach – What a great place to enjoy riding and YouGoDo has a great selection of places where you can ride on the beach – here’s a couple of our top picks - Horse Surfing in FloridaSwimming with Horses in Jamaica - beach horse riding in Tarifariding along the shores of Lake Como.

7) Riding the Balkan Trail in Bulgaria – getting away from it and experiencing Bulgaria, on an amazing 8 day horse trek.

8) Riding in Jordan – live out the Indiana Jones fantasies with great rides in the Wadi Rum Dessert – and while there why not try something different - swap the horse for a camel for a while (optional!)

9) Horse riding in Dubai – Experience a different type of riding, get out into the dessert, especially in the winter months.

10) Try riding in a busy city – try indoor riding in the centre of Amsterdam, or how about getting a different view of the UK’s capital city by trying horse riding in London.

And a few honourable mentions for a couple that just did not quite make the cut. I’m sure they are as good as the top 10 but we had over 450 horse riding activities to choose from, and it could easily have turned into a top 147 horse riding adventures!

Horse riding in New Zealand

Horse riding in New Mexico

Learning to play polo at Ascot Horse

Riding and Quad Biking in Australia

I guess it maybe be blatantly clear by now, but I feel I should admit that I am no horse riding expert, indeed while I am happy to have a motorcycle with 150 ‘horses’ under my backside, the thought of 1 horse with no disk brakes always seems little scary. But this said I hope I have a good eye for an adventure and I have chosen a good top 10! Let me know if not!

It’s been over 20 years since I was last on horseback, and the above selection would certainly temp me back up on top of a horse, brakes or no brakes!!


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