Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where are all these hits coming from!

Web traffic from the Royal Wedding, the Apprentice TV Show and other mystery news!

Here at YouGoDo as the site grows and grows each month we constantly monitor where our traffic is coming from.

The Google Analytics tool shows us who is arriving at YouGoDo, and what keywords they are using. This offers an interesting, although sometimes puzzling, insight into what our users are looking for.

This week 'Britains only natural spa' became a hot search phrase out of the blue on YouGoDo, which was easy for me to understand, as I'd watched the UK version of the Apprentice and heard Sir Alan Sugar send the winning team off for their prize day at 'Britain only natural spa'!

On the days after the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at the end of April 2011, YouGoDo lit up with people seraching for for 'Windsor Grey Pferde' - what was all that about I thought!

What is a Windsor Grey Pferde? A little research showed the Windsor Grey Pferde to be the breed of horse used to pull the royal wedding carriages, and it just so happens that YouGoDo's Horse Riding in London guide indeed includes the Royal Mews (which includes the Royal Stables) with their Windsor Grey Pferde Horses. Mystery solved.

In the past few weeks 'Horse Surfing' in Florida has suddenly become a hot topic. This one is still a mystery to me, although it must have been down to some big publicity on the subject somewhere in the world. I hope it was positive. Maybe the American version of the Apprentice?

Often Puzzled Paul!

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