Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top 10 Photography Tours

Great photo's are becoming like great trophies, and the ability to display these in ever more amazing and original ways (not just mugs and T shirts!) is encouraging more and more of us (myself included here!) to want to become truly great amateur photographers. And the great news is that there are more and more great photography based activities for those of us who want to do more than 'just turn the knob to auto' and leave it there!

For those wanting to try out the ever advancing capabilities of our digital camera equipment, many activity operators are offering great photography based holidays, tours, courses and activities.

As you would expect many of these are in great photography locations, with local sites for shooting stunning scenery, cityscapes and wildlife. Other options combine photography with other activities such as sailing, cookery or language courses.

There are some really great photography tours and activities on offer – and the photography is not a small part of the activity, it’s the main reason for the trip! Here’s our pick of the wide range of photography activities available on YouGoDo.

Top 10 Photography Activities:

1 - High Tech Photo Safaris in Africa - Shoot big game (with cameras of course!) on a superb safari using a specially converted Land Rover fully equipped to take great digital photos of your trip.

2 - Lapland to Lofoten Photography Tour - Stunning photography opportunities in the Arctic, with an award winning travel photographer as your guide and mentor.

3 - Photography Whale Watching Tours in Norway - Get up close and capture magnificent whales off the coast of Norway on this live aboard whale expedition.

4 - Seattle Walking Photography Tours - Capture the city of Seattle, experience the highlights of the city whilst on a walking mini photography course, which is part of a fun city tour!

5 - New York Photography Tours - As you would expect in a city as famous as New York - you have several choices here, including some fun tours which basically ensure you are in all your New York photos!

6 - Paris Photography Tours - Again, here in Paris you have a choice of tours, which show you how best to photograph the romantic city of Paris.

7 - Photo Tours in Spain - A great country with an amazingly diverse range of cultures, foods and scenery (I am biased I live here and love the place) - great light and scenery for photography.

8 - Water Videographer Courses in Thailand - A bit of a specialist course this one - but what a cool skill, which could possibly be turned into a great profession!

9 - Newfoundland Photo Tours - Visit and photograph what is described as Canada's best kept secret - the island of Newfoundland!

10 - Nottingham Digital Photography Courses - Visit the best parts of Robin Hood Land and take photos in some of the counties best locations using props such as birds of prey.

We are firmly in the digital age, and photography is becoming more and more a key part of your holidays and adventures.

Gone are the old days of taking 3 or four 36 exposure films with you, and not taking too many 'pictures', worrying if they will come out and how much it will cost to develop all those films, etc. Oh dear showing my age now - I remember my first Zenith SLR!

Even the current basic digital camera allows budding photographers to point and shoot, run off several hundred photos during a holiday, shoot sepia, black and white, stunning night and fireworks display shots and more. And this is before you start putting in the 'finishing touches' (cheating!) with photoshop, etc!

Now the frustration is sorting through them all and deleting the ones you don’t want, rather than worrying if the ones you really did want will come out OK!

All of the above activities will help ensure your 'photo' memories are even better!

So pack up the camera gear, compose, frame, …… oh and don’t forget to smile!

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