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Surf’s Up: Five Awesome Beginner Surfing Destinations In The UK

The UK’s coast has miles and miles of beach breaks with surfable waves just waiting to be conquered by the adventurous traveller. If you’ve never tried it, make the coming months an endless summer of surfing action - here are five of the best beginner-friendly spots in the UK to start your wave-riding career, and don’t forget to check out surfing schools in the UK on the yougodo site!

1] Saunton Sands, Devon

The surf rolling in on the seemingly infinite beach at Saunton Sands is a sight that stirs the blood, alright. Saunton and neighbouring Woolacombe offer gentle waves as well as heavier stuff barrelling in off the Atlantic, and the facilities for hiring and staying over are second-to-none.

Need To Know: Saunton Sands
  • Wave direction: Lefts and rights
  • Offshore wind direction: Easterly
  • Hazards: Crowded in Summer; seagulls!
  • Lifeguard: Summer
  • Things to do near Saunton Sands

Surfers at Saunton. Photo credit rrx_blade

Read the reviews of Saunton surfing on beach wizard.

2] Newquay Bay

Newquay is Britain’s best-loved surf spot and a ‘serious’ surfer destination on account of the serious waves to be ridden there, so the best way to avoid getting out of your depth as a beginner is to confine your exploits to Newquay Bay. Comprising four beaches rolled into one sandy mile, and partially sheltered by cliffs, the Bay depends on swell for its waves but beginners’ surf is regularly to be had at Towan Beach.

Need To Know: Newquay Bay

  • Wave direction: Lefts and rights
  • Offshore wind direction: Southerly
  • Hazards: Rocks, riptides
  • Lifeguard: 19th May – 30th September
  • Things to do in Newquay

4] Bournemouth

Bournemouth is well-stocked with surf schools and is renowned for its clean water and safe beache – if not for its great waves, exactly - making it an ideal place to begin your love affair with the sport. It can get crowded in the summer which upsets the experienced surfers, but if there’s surf, the chances are it’ll be suitable for first-timers, so head on in.

Need To Know: Bournemouth

  • Wave direction: Lefts and rights
  • Offshore wind direction: Northerly
  • Hazards: Riptides possible, often crowded
  • Lifeguard: 1st May – 30th September
  • Things to do in Bournemouth

Perfect little beginners waves at Bournemouth. Photo from Paul Seys

Check the current Bournemouth surf conditions here

4] Llangennith, Gower

The Gower Peninsula’s most popular surf destination is at the North end of the glorious three-mile long Rhossili Bay. Llangennith is consistent and reliably surfable on all tides, and is a great spot for learning the tricks of the trade, since it’s a nice slow peeling wave with enough room for everyone.

Need To Know: Llangennith

  • Wave direction: Lefts and rights
  • Offshore wind direction: Easterly
  • Hazards: Jellyfish, tough paddle out
  • Lifeguard: Summer
  • Things to do near Llangennith

5] Pease Bay, Borders

It may be rough and is generally regarded as a haunt for the more experienced surfer, but Pease Bay near Dunbar can host some great waves thanks to a reef renowned among experts, while its beach breaks prove popular for beginner surfers to jump in and have a go.

Need To Know: Pease Bay

Quiet times at Pease Bay, between sets. Photo credit Martin Burns.

Pease Bay surf report.

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