Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unusual things to do in Amsterdam

Having visited Amsterdam on two occasions it comes as no surprise to me that, according to the YouGoDo things to do in Amsterdam data, it seems to have the world’s highest ratio of unusual things to do!

Pretty much all of the exciting activities and experiences we have on offer in Amsterdam seem to fit nicely into the 'unusual things to do' category!

Weird transport seems easy to get hold of in Amsterdam! In Holland, the land of the bicycle, there are plenty crazy two wheel tours on offer, things like Amsterdam Recumbent tours (think odd looking feet first bicycles – some with covers), Amsterdam scooter tours, Segway tours and the famous Amsterdam beer bike tours (groups of guests are arranged around a 'bicycle bar' whilst pedalling their way around the city).

For something a little faster, maybe with an engine, try an Amsterdam Tuk Tuk Tour, or IMHO even better the Amsterdam carver one experiences. These look amazing and allow you to get behind the wheel (yes it is a steering wheel) of a cross between a sports car and a sports motorbike which leans and drives like a fighter jet - superb.

For those rainy days, indoors you have the Xtracold Ice Bar, Floating, the Museum of Flourescent Art, Laser Quest and (this is Amsterdam) the Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum. Another unusual indoor option is horse riding - this is on offer in a stunning indoor arena which is open to the public for riding lessons and horseback experiences (with a great terrace bar of course – this is Amsterdam!).

If you are coming to Amsterdam to study (most visitors are, although what they study is often unusual), then why not learn something new on workshops to study Graffiti, Chocolate, Cocktails or even Flirting (I’ll choose to ignore the comment “why would you need that in Amsterdam – you just pay!”).

The city's famous waterways are also a great source of unsual fun activities - why not learn more about this crazy city on an Amsterdam Pedalo Treasure Hunt or an Amsterdam Canal Bike Rally! You can see why even the cleanest living folks in Amsterdam may look to the waters and feel a little ‘stoned’.

Unusual things to do in Amsterdam - Crazy crazy place – looks great!

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