Monday, April 25, 2011

Unusual Oz Activities

With YouGoDo's unusual things to do in Australia guide soon to exceed two hundred great zany activities, I thought it a good time to write a little more about Oz's most unusual activities.

It's a credit to Australia that most of it's tourists must be looking for fun, adrenalin, crazy and unusual entertainment, adventures and activities. This can be seen from the high percentage of our things to do in Australia which can be fairly considered as 'unusual activities'!

You can take your choice from numerous operators in most of these categories!

Jetskiing, Jetboating and high thrill speedboat rides in Australia

Hot air balloon flights in Australia

Skydiving in Australia

Australian Trike Tours

Oz Kayak Tours - including a heli kayaking opportunity of course!

Australian motor sports activities

Extreme flights over Australia

Horse riding in Australia

Then there's the more 'one off' activities which look great. Things like:

Karaoke Shopping Tours of Sydney - maybe a bit of Abba on board ;-)

Horseback Wine Tours - what could possibly go wrong!

The Nullabor Links - The World's Longest Golf Course at 1365km - yes that's KM - if playing it is not unusual enough for you take a trike tour of the Nullabor!

Great White Shark diving, Crocodile diving or the slightly more rare Tuna diving (very poor pun intended!)

Heli kayaking, biking and whale watching (these three are done seperately - that would be unusual!), stretched jeep tours, croc tours and many many more!

Take look for yourself using the links above, or use this link to view our full range of things to do in Australia

Go enjoy the unusual stuff in Oz!

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