Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zero Gravity Flights

Anyone see Brain Cox on last night's Wonders of the Universe BBC Program?

During the program he did the amazing Zero G, Zero Garavity Experience flights.

Looked amazing, and for anyone wondering where they can do this of course we have it on YouGoDo.

The ZeroG Flight Experiences can be taken at a number of locations throughout the USA including Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco and Cape Canaveral.

During your experience on board a specially adapted Boeing 727 aircraft the place carries out 15 special manouvres called 'parabolas' which give passengers around 8 full minutes of experiencing weightlessness.

And judging by the smiles on the faces of the list of celebrities who have already been on board, incluidng Stephen Hawking, The Ozbournes, James May, Buzz Aldrin and many more, it sure looks a great trip!

This experience, although not the cheapest of extreme flights at a cost of $4950 plus 5% taxes, must rank as one of the world's most unusual and exclusive experiences.

And yes it's available for private charters and weddings!

Those with shallower pockets could of course try fighter jet flights, paragliding, skydiving or bungy jumping! And those with even deeper pockets could go the whole hog and try space flights!

I'll await my invite ;-)

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