Friday, February 18, 2011

Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tours

What a great way of spending an afternoon or day – tasting great wines in great locations. YouGoDo features 100’s of great wine tasting experiences.

And the fact that grape vines tend to have quite an appetite for warm sunshine makes their locations all the more pleasant to visit. Although this said, I do hear they are growing good wine grapes in the UK these days ;-)

California, Australia, Portugal, France and Spain are just some of the great places featured on YouGoDo for wine tasting, wine education experiences and wine related tours.

And tour operators are offering more and more interesting methods of getting you to and from the vineyards, and wine related experiences. Here’s just a few that caught my interest!
Wine and cycling – what could possibly go wrong! We have quite a few cycling based wine experiences to choose from. The La M├ędocaine, a fun cycle race through the Bordeaux region of France, with plenty of 'product' on route looks particularly good fun!

There are even pedal powered wine tours of London on the great pedal pubs, which allow a group of friends to socially and eco consciously pedal themselves to various wine stops in the City of London.

A jet boat trip to a winery sounds a great idea - ON THE WAY THERE - I'm not sure I'd want to be sitting behind anyone who has hit the red wine hard at lunch, on the way back though!

Hot Air Ballooning and wine looks a popular choice (the glass of Champagne on board is pretty standard but there are several hot air balloon flights which take guests to vineyards for tastings).

Helicopters Wine Tours also make a great deal of sense - especially when you need to get to your wine! NOW! And a helicopter flight to the Champagne region of France seems a pretty idyllic day out to me (assuming the pilot does not join you for the tastings!)

Champagne a bit rich for your pockets? – try a cava tour in Spain! Or maybe Sherry Tasting in Jerez, the home of the product!

At a slower pace enjoy arriving in style with a classic car tour of the wineries.

Horseback rides to wine tastings is another activity which falls into the ‘what could possibly go wrong’ category! Throw in some loud Abba, and shopping and this could be the world’s best hen night activity – Operators take note!

On the music theme why not call in the Sir Cliff Richard’s vineyard in Portugal to enjoy the taste of his wines.

And if the pleasure of the wine is not enough try a wine and chocolate experience – heaven!

And a few other partnerships - Trout and Wine or Art and Wine!

Or feel you have earnt your wine, by experiencing working on a vineyard in Spain, before sampling the wares!

Pop those corks! Cheers

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