Monday, February 7, 2011

Jet skiing activities and tours

Though I am now probably in the 'I should know better by now' age bracket, the deep urge to buy myself a jet ski has finally got the better of me this month - My Yamaha FXHO jet ski (or Waverunner in US English) is due to arrive in the next month!

Having always been a keen supporter on the theory that pretty much anything with an engine equates to fun (I guess notable exceptions include the strimmer and the lawnmower) a small watercraft with 160 horse power just had to be done. Having ridden jet skis a little in the early 600cc waverunner and 550cc stand up days, I can't wait to get hold of this R1 engined monster.

And of course, anything as much fun as a jet ski tends to make it's way onto YouGoDo in large quantities! Jet ski activities are no exception. YouGoDo features numerous great things to do with a jet ski, ranging from the simple short hire for a blast around a lake or coastal area, jet ski tours and nature watching, right up to multi day jet ski tours, where you cover a huge area and stay at a different location each night!

Take a look at the YouGoDo jet ski activities collection, right in there with our speedboats and jetboat fun.

A few notable jet ski links:

Jet skiing in the USA - a very popular activity, especially in Florida, with many operators (American trans: Outfitters!) offering Jet Ski (or Waverunner!) Tours and Dolphin watching from jet skis. See Miami jet skiing, Key West jet skiing and Fort Myers jet skiing

Multi Day jet ski tours in Louisiana - These look superb fun, a real adventure!

Jet sking in Australia - Including tours of the Gold Coast and Swan River

Jet skiing in Spain - Spanish laws are pretty stringent meaning most these places simply offer short term rentals for a blast in a confined area - fun all the same!

It's going to be a long month waiting!

Lanyards on - lets go!

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