Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Worlds Top Museums

Museums are an ever popular pastime, and for many a great way of learning without falling asleep! One of the top things to do on a rainy day. And with more and more museums being ever more creative in their use of the latest multimedia capabilities, they are more and more capable of bringing science, and the past, to life.

We have recognised the need to allow our users to find Museums around the world simpler, so we have created a new category specifically for Museums, allowing YouGoDo users to quickly find museums in their desired destinations around the world.

And as always popularity with our users plays a major part in a Museum listings page ranking, so what are currently top 10 museums around the world with YouGoDo users! At the time of this report YouGoDo users top 10 museums were:

1 - Madrid Wax Works Museum in Madrid, Spain

2 - Emirates National Auto Museum near Abu Dhabi, UAE

3 - The Manchester Museum in the UK

4 - BMW World Museum in Munich, Germany

5 - Ripleys Believe It or Not in London, UK

6 - The Porsche Museum at Stuttgart, Germany

7 - Malaga Automobile Museum, in Spain

8 - The Leffe Beer Museums in Dinant, Belgium

9 - The National Archeological Museum in Madrid, Spain

10 - The DDR Museum in Berlin, Germany

I guess this says a lot about YouGoDo users, and their quest for the unusual - the Guggenheim and National Museums of major cities have not made the top 10 yet! And we have more than our fair share of Petrolhead Beer Drinkers with 4 motor museums, and a specialist beer museum in our current top 10! Anyone know any car and beer museums?

Click here to get the latest YouGoDo users Worlds top 10 museums

And here’s a selection of a few or our most popular Museums searches:

Museums in Madrid

Museums in New York

Museums in London

Museums in Paris

Museums in Spain

Museums in the USA

Museums in the UK

Museums in Australia

Let’s hope it rains then, so we can go enjoy a few of these great museums!

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