Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top Ten Hot Air Balloon Flights

Taking a ride in a Hot Air Balloon is a stunning experience. Possibly THE best way of experiencing a scenic flight! As you would expect here on YouGoDo, the world’s biggest activities and experiences website, we have a huge range of Hot Air Balloon flights from some of the world’s most exotic flight locations. So what are the YouGoDo user’s favourites? At the time of writing this article the YouGoDo users Top 10 Hot Air Balloon Flights are:

1 - Barcelona Hot Air Balloon Flights – flights over the dramatic Catalonian landscapes. This link also includes an amitious project to take passengers up to the edge of Space in a Hot Air Balloon, called a Bloon!

2 - Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai – flights over the dramatic sand dunes of the Middle East deserts.

3 - Malaga Hot Air Balloon Flights – Hot Air Balloon flights over southern Spain.

4 - Brussels Hot Air Balloon Flights – flights over the Flanders region of Belgium.

5 - Madrid Hot Air Balloon Flights - see Spain's capital from the air.

6 - Hot Air Balloon Flights in Switzerland from Ch√Ęteau-d’Oex (home of the famous International Hot Air Balloon Festival). Check out the cool cow shaped Balloon also shown under this link!

7 - Hot Air Balloon Flights in Orlando - see the Florida Everglades and the popular Orlando tourist attractions from the air.

8 - Cairns Hot Air Balloon Flights – flights in Australia, also from the Gold Coast and other Queensland locations.

9 - Bruges Hot Air Balloon flights - stunning flights over one of Belgium’s most enchanting historic towns.

10 - Californian Hot Air Ballooning Experiences - cruise over Cali in style!

Some stunning choices above for prospective flyers! A few notables which are not currently in the top ten, but we feel are well worth a mention include:

Hot Air Balloon flights in Turkey – some stunning scenery on offer in the Cappadocia mountains.

Hot Air Balloon Flights over Phoenix – again a stunning location for breath-taking scenery.

Hot Air Ballooning in China - taking passengers over the amazing Yangshuo mountain scenery.

Take a look at the current YouGoDo Top Ten Hot Air Ballooning activities, and then take your time and drift slowly, preferably with a glass of champagne, through the hundreds of other Hot Air Ballooning options, available on YouGoDo from around the world.

It’s an experience I would highly recommend. I’m lucky enough to have ridden in a Hot Air Balloon and the biggest surprise to me was just how calm, quiet and serene the experience is. Prior to the flight I had expected it to be freezing cold (there was snow on the ground), noisy, windy and bouncy. Yet it could not have been more different – I enjoyed a stunning calm, serene flight. Maybe I was lucky - tell us your stories using the comments below! Now with hindsight, as you are travelling at the same speed as all of the wind around you, this is the way it should be (a bit dumb of me not to think about this before flying!).

So get the iced champagne in the support vehicle, and give it a try!


Aiden Brown said...

Hot air balloon fights are really amazing. A vacation is incomplete without enjoying a hot air ballooning. I enjoyed the blog. Thanks for sharing it

Balloon Rides Gold Coast

Paul said...

Thanks Aiden, we may be in the Gold Coast area this Xmas. Its look great. If we get up there - I'll look you up.

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