Friday, January 21, 2011

Top 10 Dangerous Things To Do

What are the world’s top ten most dangerous things to do? Things that make you go ooooooh, aaaaaaaarghh, stooooooop I want to get off, NOW!!

Activities and experiences with plenty of G forces and adrenalin pumping action. Here’s the YouGoDo top ten!

1 – Wingsuit schools – if you have not seen this sport click here to see a wingsuit video! In basic terms its jumping from very high cliffs wearing a suit with webbing between your legs, and arms and torso, and plummeting to the ground at incredible speed – it looks stunning, and I can imagine it gets the adrenalin flowing more than a little!

2 – Hiking – well not exactly hiking through fields full of pretty flowers – hiking some of the world’s most dangerous trails, like the Mount Hashuan Hiking Trail or the Kings Walk at El Chorro in Andalusia. Click here to view the El Chorro Kings Walk video.

3 – SCAD diving – Suspended Catch Air Device diving to give it it’s full name. Put simply it’s bungy jumping without the rope, yes seriously! You are dropped from the crane, bridge, etc without any connecting ropes and land gently in a well positioned (hopefully!) catch net!

4 – Extreme Fighter Plane Flights – little white bags at the ready, flights with plenty of ‘G’s which make people go white, and as often as not loose a few pounds in sloppy weight!

5 – Gorge Jumping – or Canyon Swinging - jumping from perfectly solid lump ground into wide open spaces! A sort of kids swing but on a very large scale. Click here for the Oribi Gorge Video!

6 – Jet Boating – screaming along at high speed in a water jet powered boat, often very close to jagged rocks, in a few inches of water, on a craft which can stop and turn in its own length!

7 – Canyoning and Potholing – Not for the agoraphobics amongst us, squeezing through dark, confined spaces under ground and diving through pools with rocky roofs. Remember your torch!

8 – Paragliding and Hang Gliding – the undoubted thrill of sailing through the air, and down to the ground under a few strings and a nicely shaped sail (with a few poles thrown in, if you are hang gliding!). Why not combine this madness with a spot of extreme skiing by taking part in Speedriding.

9 – Bungy Jumping – seems a bit strange to see this one, which is considered pretty radical, so low down this list, but compared with some of the above choices it seems a little tame! But fun and high adrenalin inducing all the same.

10 – F1 Car Passenger Rides – sitting behind, or besides a professional ‘nutter’ as he navigates you around a race track at unbelievable speeds in one of the world’s most extreme motor racing vehicles. Plenty G forces on offer!

And as with any top 10, we always have a few other notable mentions which almost made the top 10!

Most Motorcycling Activities are usually pretty adrenalin filled – I can say this as a keen track, off road and on road motorcyclist! Dead flies on your teeth grin inducing fun!

Halo Jumping - Extreme Parachuting, High Altitude exits and Low altitude opening of the chute! One for a pair of clean pants!

Mountain Bike Parks usually have more than their fair share of bone cracking sounds permeating through the hills! Or Mountain Biking down the world's most dangerous road in Bolivia.

Freediving – scuba diving, but without the scuba bit!

Cruising – Cruising I hear you ask! well it’s a little more extreme if you are cruising to the North Pole or Antarctica.

Climbing – Always an adrenalin sport, even more so if you are climbing Mount Everest!

Scuba Diving – here again we have one or two extreme versions available, such as diving to the wreck of the Titanic, diving with killer whales, diving with great white sharks or diving with crocodiles.

The odd very odd fight! Great traditional events like the Tomatina Tomato fight in Spain and the Chios Fireworks fight (here two Greek villages fire some 25,000 rockets at each other’s churches!)

Plenty of daft ideas - take your pick - Crash helmets at the ready!

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