Friday, January 28, 2011

Stand Up Paddleboarding

The ideal activity for all YouGoDo users who have ever dreamt of walking on water!

SUP (or Stand Up Paddleboarding) is one of those obsure water sports which seems to be growing dramatically in popularity on YouGoDo. It's not exactly mainstream, like kayaking and canoeing (pun intended!), but we are noticing its growth.

A bit like a cross between surfing, kayaking and waterskiing the 'rider' stands up on a large surf board type board (funny enough called a Paddleboard!), and paddles themselves across the water - mmm I can see where the name came from now!

Heres a list of great Stand Up Paddleboard locations! Choose from Australia, Costa Rico, Indonesia, New Zealand, Spain, UK, USA - the list is growing!

Give it a try - and send us in your photos of you 'walking on water'!

Have fun

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