Monday, December 13, 2010

Driving an F1 car

This has to be every young boy's, and many a grown man's dream! And the demand must be there, with plenty of clients wanting to get behind the wheel of these incredible Formula 1 cars, as we have several suppliers offerring incredible F1 diving experiences here on YouGoDo.

I have had the privilege of experiencing several passenger laps of the Castle Donnington grand prix circuit in a Ferrari Challenge Cup car (basically a highly modified version of the Ferrari 360 road car, stripped out and running slick tyres) and its stunning to experience the noise, the violence, and G forces when cornering, accelerating and braking. The stopping forces are amazing, on my passenger ride the driver was changing up a gear and accelerating where I would be hitting the brakes! And I'm pretty sure what I found amazing in a highly modified Ferrari road car would be muliplied by a factor of at least 50 to take it up to the Formula 1 experience level.

F1 cars are the pinnacle of racing car development, with high power, low weight and amazing aerodynamics combining to make these cars absolute animals to drive!

Here on YouGoDo we have over 1,000 amazing motor sports experiences from around the world, but if it has to be Formula One then here's a few choices!

Drive an Formula 1 car in the USA - experience an F1 car near New York

Drive a F1 car in Italy - where else!

F1 car driving experiences in France

Take an F1 car passenger ride in the UK - sit behind the driver in a 2 seater F1 car and experience the full Formula 1 effect.

Take a Formula 1 car passenger ride in Spain - sit to the right or left of the driver in a unique 3 seater Formula 1 car to experience the speed of F1 around the Catalunya Circuit near Barcelona.

And if that all sounds a bit extreme - how about the closest thing to F1, on the Formula Rossa 240kmh theme park ride at the Ferrari World Theme park in Abu Dhabi, or even less extreme try cycling the grand prix circuit in Catalunya!

Gentlemen start your engines!

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